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Royz - Making of Special Issue photoshoot & Comment

Abandon all your fears, cross into the realm you can’t yet see

Name: Unknown

Alias: Hizumi

Species: Nightmare

It’s said that monsters aren’t born, they are created. I, was both. 

The first time I opened my eyes, all I felt was his pain. My Creator. The echoes and images of his memories drove me insane. I tried to rip myself from that dark and horrible prison of his mind, helplessly clawing at the inside of his brain for who knows how long. When I finally tore myself free, his face was pale. Wide eyed. Pathetic. Suffering a loss of the heart but I felt nothing but rage and loathing for his weakness. I don’t think he knew I existed, his eyes were vacant and staring right through me. Even to myself I was nothing but a swirling mass of shadows.

I learned to make them merge and solidify, I shaped them into a body, a face.

I chose a name and made something out of this existence I shoud probably call “life”. Though life, it’s not. I don’t fear death. 

AU muse//Paragraph-novella writer//18+//AIM and inbox based//Plotting preferred

Gif made by Kagamiru