Anwar Carrots from Peas & Carrots International gives you a personal tour of the PNCINTL Pop-Up Store that was located @ The Good Company in NYC this past week.


Check out the homies from PNCINTL gettin’ WAVY in NYC*.

*Mass Appeal cameo @ 4:47

P&C INTL: Inspiration In A New Residence:

In September of 2011, the founders of Peas and Carrots International Josh and Anwar graced the cover with their artist Casey Veggies. We told the story of who P&C INTL is and what they represent. In the last few years the brand that sticks to the motto of growth has flourished even more. This spring first Peas and Carrots International store opened in L.A.  JENESIS got a chance to chat with Anwar who let us know the scoop on how everything has been lately.