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Has work got you down? Is life a bit more monotonous than you ever expected it to be? Well, you’re in luck! Right here in fabulous Los Angeles there’s a home away from home that is exactly what Dr. Fun prescribed. The Hideaway offers a place for rest and relaxation as well as good times all wrapped in to one. Located on a beautiful sunny beach, the resort offers condo style living with a load of amenities that you wouldn’t even expect! Each person is still working as they would normally, but they use the resort as an escape from reality once their every day lives are taken care of. As an added bonus, there is payment offered to the celebrities that apply to live on the grounds of the resort.

There is in fact one catch. (You knew you were waiting to hear that one.) Each celebrity is required to complete a bi-weekly video diary about what they’ve been doing since their arrival. That’s not a big deal, right? However, if their task is not completed, their previous videos may go viral, so all of their dirty little secrets will be out in the public eye. As long as everyone does what needs to be done after signing into the property, everything will be rays of sunshine.


ATTENTION! We are currently on a FEMALE BAN!

It’s 2016 and London is most definitely the place to be! Around every corner is a celebrity, be it an actor with a hot new project, a singer who needs to start anew or a sportsman with more baggage than Heathrow, and we want yours to join them!

Celebrity London is an active, para-based roleplay group with over fifty members. Set two years in the future, the group gives you a level of creativity that other groups simply don’t have because what happens between present day and in-game time is entirely up to you. Roleplaying as your celebrity of choice, you can explore the wonders of London with a diverse group of characters who promise to keep the drama coming both in and out of the limelight. So book the next flight for your favourite, living celebrity and join us here in London!

But why should you join us, we hear you ask?

  • We have monthly writing tasks to encourage solo paras and beat that pesky writer’s block that we all know so well.
  • Our bi-monthly events help avoid clique problems and ensure that you are always writing with a variety of people and characters.
  • Our group has one of the most diverse character lists within Hollywood roleplay groups! With such a wide range of characters, we’ve created a welcoming environment for any celebrity, regardless of age (given that they’re over 18, of course), profession or past misdemeanours and ensure that your character will never have a dull moment in London!
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Watch Two Night Stand 2014 On ZMovie Online

Watch Two Night Stand 2014 On ZMovie Online

Releasing Date: 26 / September / 2014 [USA]

The Director is: Max Nichols

Writer and Produced By: Mark Hammer

Movie Genres: Comedy / Romance

Acted By: Miles Teller / Analeigh Tipton / Jessica Szohr / Kellyn Lindsay / Michael Showalter / Michael Showalter / Josh Salatin

Runtime: 86 min

Releasing Country: USA

Movie Brief: Watch Two Night Stand 2014 On ZMovie Online :After an acutely afflictive one night stand, two strangers deathwatch up to acquisition themselves active in afterwards sleeping through a blast that put all of Manhattan on ice. They’re now trapped calm in a tiny apartment, affected to get to apperceive anniversary added way added than any one night angle should.