Jordan I


this was dr emily grey this episode and nobody can tell me otherwise

In the studio Winston was singing a Montell Jordan song word for word, so you never know.

Oh really? Which one?

[sings] “This is How Weee Dooo Iiiit!” That actually shocked me, I don’t even know the entire lyrics to that song and he knew every word. I just know the chorus like everybody else but he went in and did the whole first verse. It was pretty comical.

—  88-Keys (x)

To those who don’t know yet, Saudi Arabia created a coalition (comprised of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan) began bombing Yemen yesterday, and there are talks of a full ground invasion in the coming days. Right now people are terrified for their lives, people are losing their homes, their loved ones, access to food and water. Many civilians have already been killed. Please pay attention to Yemen. Don’t stand by and silently ignore yet another country being bombed into nothingness. Not again. Give the Yemeni people all of your support, your prayers, your solidarity, keep them in your thoughts. Do not let their suffering go uncared for and unnoticed. I know you all would care if it were your streets that were on fire, or your homes turned to rubble.