#the100countdown;; 23/09 // 29 days // one kiss

"Sit there at your own risk. I think I might be cursed." “Then call me a risk taker. And Jasper, you’re not cursed.”

anonymous said:

Are there any bloggers you think would make stellar couples? I think kayytx and booshbaby are the cutest. OH! What about you and tonystarksass??

kayytx and booshbaby are gross why would you think they would be good together yuck

also jordan and i are already married so you got that one 100% correct

i basically ship all of my blogger friends together. i want a polyamorous downey love collective.

There’s definitely something there, whether it’s romantic or not, Parrish is definitely intrigued by Lydia. His attention when the Sheriff brought her in…he was a little more excited or a little more inquisitive than maybe the average person would’ve been. And he went through that experience where he found the dead bodies with her and his suspicions of her being psychic were kind of there all along and that just intensified it. I think he’s intrigued by her, definitely. In which manner, I’m not quite sure.” - Ryan Kelley