I love that Herman just volunteers to do it with Newt and neither of them for a second questions if they would be drift compatible. Being compatible is made out to be this huge freaking deal, but they don’t even pause because they just are, okay? Granted, there’s really no one else there to do it, and it would be helpful for Herman to see it, too, but those facts would be irrelevant if they couldn’t drift together.

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Will any of the guests do joint photo-ops? Like Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet for example?

Yes! Look for that info next week.

The Sentinel

The origins of Stake’s father, Vandal, and his transformation from a Clone trooper to one of the galaxy’s most wanted vigilantes.

Vandal. Wanted for deserting the Grand Army of the Republic. His reason? To avoid the biggest friendly fire catastrophe to ever occur during the Clone Wars, the battle of Umbara. General Krell’s betrayal cost many clones their lives, and Vandal escaped by the skin of his teeth.

He was apart of the 779th Sentinel task force, a highly adaptable squadrons of clone troopers border-lining commando status. They were trained to strangle wildlife with their bare hands, and to resist all forms of force attacks, through equipment, combat maneuvers, or sheer will. Stake was the assault specialist, and was in charge of munitions and heavy weapons. He was said to be a living war machine.

The 779th preformed a joint op on Umbara with the 501st to take it’s capital city. Vandal sniffed out Krell’s betrayal from the start. But when he found out about Krell, Krell found him out as well. The general asked that he take point, expecting him to die quickly, but Vandal took this to his advantage. He disappeared into the mist, and let out a dying cry of agony, fooling everyone into thinking that he was done for. He was hidden under the dense foliage, since there wasn’t a predator for miles that could kill a clone. He stayed hidden until he was sure Krell had passed, which was a 5 hours long. By the time he got up, the battalion was long gone. He wanted to warn the others, but they got too far, and a firefight broke out where they were. Vandal had seen far too many battles go astray because of leaders like Krell. He decided it was time to leave. He was alone and fleeing capture by Umbaran militants and death by wildlife, the usual walk in the park, when he dawned upon a small camp of militants. They were talking about his team.

"[I heard they started killing each other! What a bunch of idiots!]" one said.

"[A fool of a leader they have! We’ll beat them in no time]" The second laughed.

Vandal appeared between them, breaking one’s neck and stabbing the other in the chest.

"Do tell." He said.

He walked to their Intel center and was horrified to find out that they were right. Krell’s plan had gone through.

"Damn it…" He scowled behind his helmet. He could have prevented this, couldn’t he? He then looked at the casualty reports. Oh, never mind. He would have been another mark on the floor, just like his many unfortunate brothers. Vandal had seen enough, this was the last in a long line of defeats because of over zealous di’kut. He left the camp wired with timed explosives. He killed ten men with the blast that ensued and stole their vehicle.

There was a space port far from where he was, which had ships capable of jumps to other planets. Next stop, Mandalore.

Ohh~ joint-op with Squad 7~


well, kinda.

Don’t like the fact I don’t have my own super-powered tank… I like my tank.

Gemalto : les cartes SIM en sécurité, une conférence de presse mercredi

See on - Alertes et Conseils Sécurité “AutreMent”

La société néerlandaise Gemalto a réagi aujourd’hui à la polémique sur la sécurité de ses cartes SIM, menacée par une opération jointe de la NSA et du GCHQ. Ce géant de la puce électronique affirme ainsi qu’au vu des premiers éléments de l’enquête, il n’existe pas vraiment de risque pour les clients.

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It’s a horse standing on a sugar cube.

She has no idea what this has to do with anything, just that it was a mark on this man. She keeps staring at the tattoo on her walk down the hall, trying to understand it. Julia finds herself feeling uncomfortably like the one person who isn’t in on some hilarious joke between friends, on the outside looking in. There’s a punchline here and she doesn’t know where it came from.

Taking another sip of her coffee, she hopes the spook she is going to be paired with could shed some more light on it all. The sound of her heels clicking down the hallways is the only sound rattling around her ears, and in time it begins to fray at her nerves. She know too little about this, why she is being pulled into this joint op. None of this make any sense to her, but she turned the corner all the same, taking note of room numbers. There just was not enough 

Offering a short knock, she adjusts the file in her arms before opening the door. She is not looking up when she steps in, only does so once she has taken hold of the file once more. 

The man before her makes her freeze in place, grip on her coffee so tight that the paper cup almost erupts in her hand. Suddenly, there is nothing about the file, about the noise, about this operation.

There is only this man, and his face, and his unblemished hands.

Joint Mekong anti-drug ops to expand - and more on

Multinational drug suppression operations along the Mekong River have proved successful and would be stepped up and expanded, Narcotics Control Board secretary-general Permpong Chavalit said on Thursday.
Joint Mekong anti-drug ops to expand image

The only complaint I have of VC3 is that there is way too many joint-ops. 7 chapters in and 3 of which is about joint-ops. It wouldn’t be so bad if it doesn’t limit my only squad and force me to take care of the other squad… :/