Summary of The Outsiders Part 1
  • Dallas:Let's go to the movies what could possibly go wrong
  • Dallas:woah hot redhead
  • Cherry:frick you
  • Ponyboy:woah hot redhead
  • Two-Bit:woah hot brunette
  • Two-Bit:We'll walk you home what could possibly go wrong
  • Bob:no you won't
  • Two-Bit:yes we will
  • Johnny:oh crap oh crap oh crap
  • Cherry:Dallas Winston is hot
  • Ponyboy::(
  • Cherry:yeah we'll get in the car with the drunk guys what could possibly go wrong
  • Ponyboy:*gets home two hours late*
  • Darry:Your home two hours late
  • Ponyboy:lol oops what can you do
  • Darry:dude you could have been put for foster care
  • Ponyboy:oops lol haha
  • Darry:*pushes Ponyboy*
  • Ponyboy:*bursts into tears*
  • Ponyboy:Johnny we're running away
  • Johnny:uh why
  • Ponyboy:Darry pushed me my life is so hard omg
  • Johnny:*eyeroll*
  • Johnny:yeah ummm why don't we just chill here for a while so you can calm the frick down
  • Bob:you spoke to my girlfriend so I'm gonna frickin murder you
  • Johnny:frick you bob
  • Johnny:*stabs*
  • Johnny:oops