I think when people criticize Moffat because of series 7 (which I understand, it had its flaws), they forget the brilliance of series 5. It transformed a cheesy adventure show into real, mature science fiction, and fully explored the implications of time travel.

It is very similar to the change that went over the show when John Nathan-Turner took over Who in 1980. He took Doctor Who seriously, unlike Graham Williams, the previous producer. (don’t even mention the Horns of Nimon or the Creature from the Pit)

Which best introduces the new Doctor: ‘Christmas Invasion’ or ‘The Eleventh Hour’? ‘Nuff said. 

May I also point out that Moffat wrote some episodes for RTD, including ¨The Empty Child¨, ¨The Girl in the Fireplace¨, ¨Blink¨, and ¨Silence in the Library¨. These are recognized as some of the best episodes of the show, and the weeping angels have become the most popular monster, beating even the daleks. Moffat also created River Song, Rory, and the Silence. So next time you critisize Moffat, think: Is it Moffat you hate, or do you just miss David Tennant?

So, I googled around after hearing about this. The Daily Mirror went and suggested that Colin Baker, by association in this picture, was involved in molesting young fans.

I don’t know if this is true about JNT, but it has NOTHING to do with Colin Baker. I’m sorry - that’s just repugnant to include him in this picture. The Mirror has not yet apologised either.

Colin Baker is a champion of Doctor Who and he continually gets attacked in ways such as this for no reason! Well, I’m bringing back my old post on what happened there

Let’s signal boost this - and complain. Their email address is

(Petition for an apology)

Have fun.


So here’s an old series of PBS promos featuring Doctor Who actors and such. I’m pretty much posting because I want to share how sexy I think Colin looks here :P

Honestly, out of all the things JNT has changed so far, this is probably the one that makes the most sense.  At least as a temporary solution.  Honestly, 2005 was probably the right time to reintroduce the sonic screwdriver.  And I kind of like the psychic paper as well because it means we don’t have to waste a whole bunch of time just to get the story going.  Although as far as the sonic is concerned right now, Moffat could learn a thing or two from JNT….(cough*Power of Three*cough)

A Doctor Who "Dimensions in Time" Re-Think

You know as terrible as 1993’s ”Dimensions in Time” Doctor Who special is (and if you haven’t seen it you must if only for the camp factor), with the floating plastic heads of Hartnell and Troughton and all the Eastender cameos and the plots that don’t make sense (the idea that they had no time to make something good is jettisoned by something like the “Night of the Doctor” webisode starring Paul McGann which was wonderful and only about 7 minutes), it does have some redeeming value.

In a way it is systematic of John Nathan Turner’s entire decade plus tenure as Who producer. No accident that this debacle is the only Who adventure JNT is actually credited with writing. First we have the BBC meddling and cheapness which was a major factor of the JNT era, with this case being a proposed feature film for the 30th anniversary being reduced to a gimmicky 13 minute “3-D” comic crossover with Eastenders. Then we have JNT’s love of famous name “guest stars” (with the Eastenders in effect), then we have the unnecessary violence, the bad plotting and pacing and the horrible script (basically the Sixth Doctor era writ small). 

On the other side we have some interesting ideas here. JNT had a good sense of his Doctors (Six’s costume aside which even Turner admitted was a mistake). Davison, Colin Baker and McCoy were perfectly cast and the personalities given to them fit each respectively. Except perhaps for Adric (though he has fans) and Mel (who could have worked with better writing as Big Finish has shown), even JNT’s companions were well cast.

In Dimensions in Time we have some interesting and potentially great match-ups that could have made entire stories each in itself.

Three with (a noticeably older) Victoria Waterfield.

Three with Sarah Jane post her Fourth Doctor adventures.

Three with Mel (I think this was actually a great combination since Mel was a very Jo Grant-ish character and Pertwee would have given Bonnie Langford something to do for once).

Six with the Brigadier and Susan and ACE (brilliant ideas, all, since Six had a lot of the arrogance of Hartnell and early Pertwee which the Brig and Susan would have identified with and we can only guess how Ace would have handled Six, who was much more bombastic than her “Professor”).

Seven with Leela (in a way they would be perfect together).

Five with Peri and Nyssa (interestingly Nyssa was Davison’s preferred companion and he didn’t like it when JNT wrote her out, while Peri and Five would go on post Dimensions to have several “new” adventures in Big Finish audios).

Romana II (future President of Gallifrey) vs The Rani. Time Lady vs Time Lady! Something we still have never seen in NuWho.

The Rani deciding to mess with the Doctor’s timeline, a great idea for a “good” multi-Doctor story. 

The Rani having her own male “companion”in her Tardis, an evil version of the Doctor’s set-up.

All of the the Doctor’s greatest villains taking advantage of his weakness and the twisted time lines to team together to defeat him long before Davies and Moffat tried it.

All in all, such a wasted opportunity. The ideas were there. A lot of the blame of must lay with the BBC I think who have treated the franchise shabbily for decades before they suddenly realized how much money could made off of it.

Getting some costume reference together for Drillerfiller then came across this photo of John Nathan-Turner from about 1980/1. I used to write a school fanzine in school. We wrote to him and let us interview him in Shepherd’s Bush, when the BBC were there. People say he was the guy who killed Doctor Who but this was before any homicides. He was an incredibly nice bloke. He entertained two scruffy kids from Anfield — so he was a top man to me.