John Starks



Will you be the John to my Sherlock?
Will you be the Cas to my Dean?
I’ll be Kirk and you can be Spock
And we’ll beat all the other tag teams

You’re the Ginny to my Harry
The Hermione to my Ron
John Winchester to Mary
Carry on my Wayward Son

You’re the Katniss to my Peta
And the Hazel to my Gus
The Derek to my Stiles 
And the Rachel to my Ross

You’re the Scott to my Isaac 
And Kim Possible to Ron
You’ll be the Spike to my Buffy 
By the end of this song

The Cecil to my Carlos
And the Sam to my Gabe
You’re the Doctor to my TARDIS
Cause you are sexy, babe

You’re the Harkness to my Ianto
The Tony to my Steve
the 10 to my Rose
Which I would never leave

The Thor to my Loki
The Crowley to my Hell
The Will to my Hannibal 
The Beast to my Bell

You’re the John to my Sherlock
And the Cas to my Dean
I’m Kirk and you are Spock

And We’re the best OTP

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Game of Thrones cast as “normal humans”

Just the actors being themselves