History Will Be Made: History comes up Jumbo.

I don’t want to start a debate or anything (but I will probably anyway), but there is a player that didn’t attend Team Canada Orientation Camp because he hurt his finger.  And there’s another one because of his new born child is sick.  Guess one reason is more valuable than the other.  Just saying…

Remember the Canadian Men's Hockey Team?

I got this during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Just bringing it back to those who remember it :)

Canada Is The Hockey Ward

Crosby you fingers. Every Sea, brook and mountain cheers. Go Canada Go. Turn up the Heatley. We need to be Thortons in their sides. 

Every other country green with envy, we Boyle with excitement. Our boys will Perry in every corner. Make our opponents look Doughty, Marleau their stats. Staal Sweden, Nash Norway, Pronger the United States with a Fleury of shots. We’ll get out of this what we put Iginla. 

For eight years we’ve been dreaming, And Bergeron. Like King Richards My kingdom for a gold medal. He who gives, Toews. Keith the Faith. 

We Neidermayer top prize. Bragging rights may remain here, No crossing Brodeurs. 

Eight years is too Loungo. Weber or not it’s destiny, we force fate. May the Morrow ring gold. 

Canada, bow to the hockey gods. Whoever Getzlaf laughs the longest.