A glimpse of the Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier., as played by Anthony Mackie.

(A) Stan Lee holds up someone else’s art for the Falcon—is it by Gene Colan?—in a photograph that appeared in Jet magazine.
(B) The Falcon’s comic-book debut, in Captain America #117, December 1969.
© More from Captain America #117. Art by Gene Colan and Joe Sinnott. Words by Stan Lee.



From one of his most famed stories, “This Man, This Monster” in FANTASTIC FOUR #51 (script by Stan Lee, inked by Joe Sinnott).

So, on the King’s 96th bithday, I’d like to remember him by making a donation to The Hero Initiative. You all can help raise the amount of the donation by reblogging this post around the Tumblrverse. Every reblog boosts the amount donated. There will be a minimum donation even if this only gets five pings or two or none. I’d like the donation to be more than that, though.

At noon tomorrow (3pm EDT), I’ll look at the reblog number. Not the likes. Not the page views, but the reblogs. That’ll determine how much the Hero Initiative gets, donated in the name of Jack Kirby.

Here’s some information on the organization, if you’re not familiar with them already. They do good work. I’ve given before, but probably not as much as I should, given the joy that these artists have given me, and the inability to get a royalty on a comic out of the quarter bin.

Happy Birthday, King. Thanks for the comics.

EDIT, since people are still coming here. I tallied up the reblogs as of noon on 8/29 and there were 206 of them (a huge amount coming by way of reblogs off of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s reblog). That means 206 dollars donated to the Hero Initiative in the name of Jack Kirby, King of Comics. Thanks to everyone for their participation and reblogs. Easily the most liked/reblogged thing ever posted here, by several orders of magnitude.

Comics got a heart.

EDIT - several times for updates and spelling issues. Deal with it.


Pencils by Jack Kirby. Inks by Joe Sinnott. Words by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Letters by Artie Simek. First published in Fantastic Four #76, 1968; printed as a blacklight poster by Third Eye in 1971.

Images via here and here.

The Jack Kirby Museum, a nonprofit, has just raised funds to open a pop-up physical space for one week, beginning November 4, in NYC.
Details here: