A group of enterprising employees at a scrapyard in Jinan City, China are using salvaged materials from their own facility to create an awesome army of giant Transformers. It all started back in 2010 when one ambitious part-time employee at the scrapyard created a towering recycled replica of Optimus Prime (previously featured here):

"The PR and marketing student said he wanted to make something ‘eye-catching’ using discarded parts. “I thought if people could see something spectacular made from junk, it would highlight what we do here and we could get more customers,” he said. Li was right. The robot became immensely popular, winning a lot of praise from locals."

That first scrap metal Autobot received so much press and attention from passers-by that Li decided to build a second one. After that other workers decided to get involved and keep the effort going. In the space of just 4 months they’d built over 40 Transformers whatever materials they could get their hands on at work, such as parts from old cars and motorcycles. And they aren’t simply stationary figures - all of the mechanical limbs are posable.

They start off by downloading an animated image from the internet. “Before starting the robot manufacturing, we do not delineate our drawings,” said Guojun Long, one of the craftsmen. A large amount of what we do depends on our imagination, because each robot looks different and the same parts cannot be used.”

Each recycled robot is for sale, priced around 100,000 yuan ($16,000 USD). And just in case you’re worried that the yard might sell out of giant scrap-bots before you can get over there yourself, don’t worry, they workers are still making more.

[via Kotaku and Oddity Central]


Second trip to the city!  We had more company this time.  We had been speaking highly of the krump class and its buckness.  We even had a chance to the fountain popping off in the back!

Meet amyzhangwrites, author of Falling into Place, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is a book that we adore

City of Birth: Jinan, China

City of Residence: Sheboygan, WI

Favourite Book Of All Time: Anne of Green Gables 

Your Favourite Place To Read: Okay, this is kind of weird, but I really like reading in the bathtub. Like, without water. My room doesn’t have a lock and there’s always someone barging in, so sometimes I fill my bathtub with blankets and pillows and curl up with a book.

Favourite Snack: Chocolate and a mug of cream tea. I draft and revise under a mountain of chocolate wrappers and mugs.

Signature Dish: Mac & Cheese…mostly because I can’t make anything else.

Favourite Subject In School: My favorite class ever was probably my ceramics studio class. So art, I suppose? Although I always loved English class, of course.

Favourite Movie: Les Misérables

Favourite Show To Binge Watch: Sherlock

Favourite Album From Your Childhood: Riot, by Paramore. I used to listen to it on repeat for days on end when I was younger.

Words To Live By: “Be too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness.”

Song that makes you want to burst out into a solo dance party:Aviation High” by Semi Precious Weapons

If you could pull a Freaky Friday with anyone who would it be? Tom Hiddleston’s significant other. I don’t even know who that is right now, but yeah. No question.

Thanks, Amy!

Falling into Place is available today! You can get a head start reading it here


China’s House of Cards

No - it’s not the popular TV series “House of Cards”, but a real house in east China.

The building, located on Tuwu Road in Jinan City, looks as if it was merely a wall from many angles, just like a house of cards.

Are there any strange or unusual buildings where you are? Share your pictures with us!

Tousand-Buddha Mountain in Jinan

The Tousand-Buddha Mountain lies 2.5 kilometers to the south of Jinan, Shandong Province. Except for Baotu Spring, mountain is one of the key points of interest in the city of Jinan. It is about 258 meters high ranging from east to west. Before your Jinan tour, such info can help you get a better view.


Now, it becomes a park which occupies an area of about 166 hectare. It is much more beautiful after extended. In fact, it was called Mt. Li in ancient times. There are a great many status of Buddha chiseled on the rocks of the mountain in the early days of Sui Dynasty. It is the archetype of the Thousand-Buddha Temple.

Located at the half way of the mountain, the Thousand-Buddha Temple was renamed as Xingguo Temple after reparation during Tang Dynasty. From the mountain, you will have a overlooking the Jinan City from north to south. Besides, Daxiong Baodian, Kwan-yin Hall, the Laughing Buddha Hall and Duihua Kiosk can be seen in the temple.Jining tours will impress you for its own style.Enjoy your Jinan tours.

There are four seal characters carved on the cliff southwest of the temple which is a celebrated stone inscription in the city of Jinan. If you want to see Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism, the Lishan Courtyard is available.

As one of the four famous gtottoes in China, the Wanfo Cave was was constructed in the north side of the mountain. There are morn than 23,000 pieces of statues in designs of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Disciples and Guardian Kings, which fully indicate the superb workmanships of sculprure
In addition, the mountain is the location of the famous Shandong Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery for Revolution of 1911. Completed in 1934, the cemetery was put under the provincial protection 1979. Jinan of China tour deserves you to join in.

Owing to high historical and cultural value, it was listed as one of the Seven Beauty Spots of Shandong Province in 1995. After it, great efforts have been made to add many scenic spots such as water pull, gardens and ropeways, etc. in recent years.

Mistress stripped naked and bashed by a gang of her stiletto wearing 'love rivals'... as passers-by completely ignore ...
September 11, 2014 at 07:14PM

The shocking incident, from Jinan city, east China, is latest in a spate of copycat attacks in which young women have been beaten and stripped for attracting the wrong man’s affection.

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Rescue tramp doubts

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“Could it be that this man had mental problems?” Just when the police may feel confused, they found in front of the name of tramp carry a notebook,http://bbs.youth.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1200281,moncler italia, open the notebook, police surprise, tramp wrote this on Since wandering various experiences, not only the wording clear thinking and writing standards comparable copybook this connection, the police concluded that, in front of this “tramp” must have secrets.

Ministry of Public Security Class A wanted man was originally

The minutes ticked by, the face of police these questions, tramp finally lowered his head, “I tell you, my name is Yu Kin!” When the police entered the Internet,mulberry sale shop, “Yu Kin” in the name, this name was found in front of tramp, turned out to Ministry of Public Security Class A wanted man!

Preliminary investigations by the police learned that Yu Jian, male, 55 years old, Lianyungang City, where he had any university in Shaanxi, a university professor, last April 30 morning, which killed his mother in Shandong Province Jinan City home and the sister fled.

Upon further questioning police learned that a year ago, Yu Jian deliberately away from the city, along the Shandong – Hebei line fled countryside, during which he sometimes begging along the road, often to the villagers day laborers earn coins, Everywhere village, he stayed for only a few days, hastily transferred, he thinks rural police force is weak,peuterey donna, hiding in the countryside will not encounter a targeted arrest,http://www.xhsg.org/?action-viewcomment-type-news-itemid-755, so very safe. That he did not expect was that he did not fall for his arrest police deliberately hands,hogan,http://www.slyck.com/forums/index.php?item/create_form/1, but “planted” to the police of a charity.

Offering a reward of 50,000 yuan arrest warrant

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As a respected university professor who, Yu Jianzhong why killing their loved ones? Public security authorities said that the current Yu motive needs further investigation, May 28 at noon, Luquan City Public Security Bureau suspects have been handed over to the Yu Jian in Jinan,woolrich milano, Shandong police.

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