This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin are discussing the lack of women in Time Magazine's “Gods of Food” feature. Joining Jessie and Sari in the studio are Elizabeth Chubbuck (Murray's Cheese), Amanda Smeltz (Roberta's), Nicole Ponseca (Maharlika & Jeepney), Ashley Merriman (The Waverly Inn), Chiara Klaiman (Rouge Tomate), and Liza Queen (Potlikker). Tune in to hear the cast's various reactions to the exclusion of women in the article. Are women in the food industry accurately represented in the media? Does the failing brand of Time actually relevant to the food industry? Find out why food media courts predominantly male chefs, and how the restaurant business became such a “boy’s club”. Learn why certain sectors of the food business, such as wine and cheese, have more gender parity. Tune in to hear the cast brainstorm how they can change the perceptions of women in food. This program has been sponsored by MOOD Magazine. Music by EULA.


"If you’re going to say that women are not influential in the kitchen, it’s less likely that we’re going to work in kitchens, or get hired. And that just makes me very tired." [9:45]

 Liza Queen on The Morning After

"I’ve always found kitchens to be welcoming, radical places. And that’s how I try to run my kitchen… How is what’s happening outside of the restaurant not reflecting what’s inside the restaurant?" [36:10]

 Ashley Merriman on The Morning After

Episode 227: Friday, December 19, 2014

Jessie Kiefer is the General Manager and wine buyer of the wine bar Terroir Tribeca, and also a host of The Morning After on Heritage Radio.

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This week on Arts & Seizures, Mike Edison is talking Thanksgiving wine with Jean Luc Le Du of Le Du’s Wines, Jessie Kiefer of HRN’s The Morning After, and Andy Shernoff: “the punk rock sommelier”. Tune into this episode to learn about the American cider revolution, and how cidermaking is similar to winemaking. Why does the cast think that Beaujolais Nouveau is a gimmick? This year, Thanksgiving overlaps with Hannukah; why does Mike Edison hate ironic wines like Manischewitz? Find out why it’s important to support American wine during Thanksgiving. Tune into this episode to hear about Jean Luc’s secret punk rock past, and how he met Andy Shernoff in the wine business! Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta’s.


"At Thanksgiving, you should drink what you want. It’s a long meal that you should enjoy with friends and family… I’m not trying to follow any recipes." [13:30]

 Jean Luc Le Du on Arts & Seizures

This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin celebrate Australia Day with two esteemed guests (that have little to nothing to do with Australia). Sari chats with Justin Devillier of La Petite Grocery in New Orleans about his culinary experience and his take on New Orleans food. Hear how Justin’s California cooking has influenced his spin on New Orleans cuisine. Why does Justin prefer to use minimal ingredients? Find out how Justin’s time on Top Chef: New Orleans forced him to work in his home city in a new and unique way. Later, Evan Lewandowski of Ruth Lewandowski Wines joins the program to talk about making wine in Utah! What drew Evan to Utah, and how did he come to study viticulture? Learn more about Evan’s wine journey, and how he’s working to find what grape varieties grow well in the Utah climate and altitude. This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures. Music by EULA.


"We like to bring in product from all over the country. As long as its good, we’ll use it." [13:00]

 Justin Devillier on The Morning After

"I am just frothing to make wine and booze from Utah fruit with these unique soil profiles." [39:40]

 Evan Lewandowski on The Morning After

This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer sits down with Kate Brashares (Executive Director) and Morgan Rogers (Program Director) of Edible Schoolyard NYC. Tune into this episode to hear about Edible Schoolyard NYC’s experiential learning programs in two city schools that connect students with food in a hands-on way! How is the curriculum influenced by farm-to-table pioneer Alice Waters? Find out why it is important to teach gardening and cooking skills at Title 1 schools, and how Edible Schoolyard students are changing their eating eating habits and neighborhoods one meal at a time. How do gardening and cooking classes often improve school experiences for children with learning disabilities? Tune in to hear Kate and Morgan talk about the challenges of non-profit work, and how they hope their programs can serve as models for all New York City schools. What’s next for Edible Schoolyard NYC? Tune into this episode to find out! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve. Music by Idgy Dean.


"Teaching kids in a very experiential way is such a powerful way of connecting with children." [9:45]

"We can’t be in every school in New York City, but we hope to show what is possible." [18:00]

"Often, kids that struggle in the classroom blossom in the garden- pun intended!" [29:45]

 Kate Brashares on The Morning After

Master Captain Kelli Farwell and First Mate Sue Walsh of The Water Table return for this week’s installment of The Morning After! After revisiting a prior “Front of House” segment, Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock talk to Kelli and Sue about their vessel. Hear how the two piloted the ship from Boston to Brooklyn, and some of the turbulence they encountered along the way. Considering the changing climate, how is the crew at The Water Table preparing for increased storm activity? Hear about the duo’s plans to begin service on the boat this summer, and how you can find out more about their project! Later, Jessie and Jen talk about the Chardonnay’s roadtrip menu as they prepare for their trip to Bonnaroo! This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to EULA for today’s break music.


"This boat has been in service for 70 years, and it’s a tank. If any boat of its size can handle the task, this is it." [25:35]

 Kelli Farwell on The Morning After

This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin recap their low-key Valentine’s Day experiences, and hang out with Zach Shapiro! Zach is known for his One Hundred Seconds series of mini-documentaries about small food businesses. Learn why Zach highlights so many foodies, and the aim of his documentaries. How did Zach begin making short-form documentaries? Later, Jessie and Sari speak with Josh Fontaine, a New Yorker known for bringing tacos to his current home in Paris, France. Josh tells us about the food scene in Paris, and his experience bringing a new type of food to one of the most iconic cities in Europe. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Music by EULA.


"We don’t try to cater to a specific French palette, or whatever the idea of a French palette may be." [39:40]

— Josh Fontaine on The Morning After

It’s a new year, and this week’s edition of The Morning After concerns New Year’s resolutions featuring Mike Lee of Studiofeast and Danielle Gould of Food+Tech Connect! Tune into this episode to learn about the history of Studiofeast, a group that highlights home cooking with eccentric food events! Hear about Mike’s experiment with hosting a dinner on New York City’s infamous L Train, and his love of high and low brow food juxtapositions! Later, Danielle explains how innovations in technology are changing the food distribution system. How does Danielle look at food businesses big and small to help farmers and distributors? Find out on this week’s edition of The Morning After! Thanks to our sponsor, Rolling Press. Music by Sleepies.


"We’re just regular home cooks. We’re trying to make people rethink the way they cook at home, and that there are more options than what you are used to." [14:00]

 Mike Lee on The Morning After

"Food is adverse to technology, especially sustainable food, because technology sold it down the river. But we have to look at different kinds of technology!" [40:00]

 Danielle Gould on The Morning After

This episode of The Morning After sees the return of the “Front of House” series! Tune in to hear host Jessie Kiefer recount an experience where a co-worker attempted to de-caffeinate coffee on-the-spot for a customer. Later, Jessie and co-host Sari Kamin sit down with Betsy Andrews, Executive Editor for Saveur. Hear about Betsy’s career in food media, and she went from Zagat to Saveur. Why has Saveur always been so daring in their Thanksgiving covers? Hear why it is Betsy’s goal to make the magazine accessible for home cooks, and build it as an arena for personal culinary stories. This program has been brought to you by Rolling Press. Music by The California Honeydrops.


"Food writing is a small and crowded field. You need to find out what it is that is special that you bring… Food is not just food- it represents everything about us." [21:00]

 Betsy Andrews on The Morning After

This week on a brand new The Morning After, hosts Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin are sitting down with Leo Schneemann, the wine director for the KG-NY Restaurant Group which includes infamous restaurants Wallsé, Cafe Sabarsky, Blaue Gans, Upholstery Wine Bar, plus the new and improved Upholstery Store: Food and Wine. Kicking off the show in the usual style, Sari takes listeners through some crazy Food News before getting Leo’s story. Born in Vorau, Austria he studied restaurant management at the Hotelfachschule Oberwart and after graduation worked in a series of high-end restaurants before starting his sommelier training as an assistant sommelier at Obauer Restaurant in Werfen, Austria, and in the vineyards at Seppi Landmann winery in Soulzmatt, France. In 2008, Leo came to the United States to work with Austrian Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner to develop a wine inventory to match the Austrian menu and coordinate events at Café Sabarsky. Leo also talks about the new and improved Upholstery Store: Food and Wine, a clubby wine bar, and relays it will serve as the perfect setting in which to sample the diversity of Austrian wines, from light-bodied to opulent white wines, and from fruity to full-bodied reds. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"The Austrian/German wine scene in restaurants I think is still on the smaller side but I think a lot of restaurants picked up on it. I see more and more products out, especially German ones, that are at a very high level." [12:31]

"I think the New York market is very competitive and I think that’s the most fun part because you have to be on top of your game and you always have to come up with new ideas." [22:45]

Leo Schneemann on The Morning After

This week on The Morning After, hosts Sari Kamin and Jessie Kiefer kick off a brand new show with some amazing Food News including highlights like frozen raccoon, a celebrity chef’s addition of garlic to a sacred dish, and yogurt made with a woman’s secret ingredient! After the break, Sari and Jessie welcome sommelier Ashley Santoro, wine director at Narcissa and The Standard, East Village. Chatting about her background and how she came up through the business, she also shares her mission to highlight American wines and promote drinking sherry, while also tells of her favorite places to grab a drink in the city. Tune in for much more and to find out how Ashley does on The Morning After Quiz! This show was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"I don’t think there are any two days that are the same, which makes my job really exciting."

"I think having the goal of pleasing your guests as much as you possibly can is the most consistent thing of my job."

Ashley Santoro on The Morning After