Worn on 5/27/2015 for the U2 Concert 

Jeans originally matched when worn in pomona. Shoes originally worn for Girls Life Magazine.  


“It’s called loa dust. It’s got a lil bit of everything in it. Weed, Pcp, E, some other shit I’ve never heard of. Kinda like a Jefferey.”

kumamio asked:

Hiya, an' thanks for following back! My name's Mio, s'nice to meet ya. Hope your day's been well so far.

Both males smiled at the younger, “You are so cute.” Jeffy looked at him with a large smile, “Ben! Look at him.” The younger chuckled, “Hi Mio, I’m Benjamin and that really weird guy is Jefferey. He tends to have a soft spot for really cute.” 

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Sexual Orientation: homoromantic / pansexual

Lucky number: meh idk

Last thing I googled: Zumbar Coffee

First word that comes to mind: *sneeze* (my girlfriend is dying of allergies beside me)

One place that makes me happy: Next to my girlfriend, or snuggled in bed, or both :)

Favorite characters: Magnus Bane (for several reasons), and Sydney Carton (who was first for YEARS until I read TMI)

Favorite food: pizza tbh even though that feels like a cop-out?

Favorite drink: bubble tea / boba tea however you wanna say it

Favorite book: The Marriage Plot by Jefferey Eugenides / The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare / It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Dream Wedding: honestly i just want something semi-small and simple, but i want a fucking bangin’ dress that shit is gonna be in pictures for eternity I WILL LOOK GOOD GOD DAMNIT

Nicknames: Brookie? Um…I think that’s it

Dream job: No job. I desperately want to just own real estate and travel the world. If I have to work, I want to do human resources, or maybe write. 

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As soon as the question ‘why me’ came, the answer came just as quickly. Why me? Because I’m the one who can’t sleep at night thinking about it. Because I’m the one looking around saying somebody around here needs to do something about this. And I’m starting to realize that someone is me.
—  Jefferey Brown
Adrienne Rich wrote in 1979: To the historical feminist demand for equal humanity, for a world free of domination through violence, lesbian/feminism has joined the more radical concept of woman-centered vision, a view of society whose goal is not equality but utter transformation’ (Rich 1979: 229). Lesbian feminists were proud of their choice to love women and immensely proud to be model revolutionaries, living the revolution now.
—  Sheila Jeffereys
Unpacking queer politics
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Notes: Thank you Jefferey for your submission!! -Tyler Abstract

If the chief’s opinion won the support of a majority of justices, states would be free to regulate or even ban abortion altogether. As Blackmun wrote in the margin of the the first page of Rehnquist’s draft: ‘Wow! Pretty extreme!’

Jefferey Toobin on the Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision in The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court

Blackmun putting it lightly. So excited for Book Club: Supreme Court Edition on Wednesday!