Prince Jacen Organa Solo of Alderaan
Dries Van Noten, Fall 2015

What If… Alderaan wasn’t destroyed by the Death Star. Leia Organa ascended the throne a few months after the Battle of Endor.

His Royal Highness, Prince Jacen Solo of Hapes originally known as His Serene Highness, Prince Jacen Organa Solo of Alderaan was eldest son of Queen Leia Organa and her Prince Consort Han Solo is perhaps the most mysterious of the White Queen’s children. To this day the Prince is best remembered for his love match with Tenel Ka Djo the then Chume'da of the Hapes Consortium. To this day scholars still haven’t discovered why Queen Leia who was a staunch Republican insurrectionist allowed her eldest son to marry the heir to throne of one of the most totalitarian dictatorships in the galaxy. Aside from his marriage the prince is also remembered for his commanding skills as shown in various wars. Until his death Jacen Solo was the Supreme Commander of Hapan Fleet. A former Jedi Knight, Jacen Solo and his wife Tenel Ka left the order shortly after his accession to the Hapan Throne although the kept close relation with Jedi Order. But perhaps the greatest mystery of is why Jacen dropped the name Organa as he wasn’t disowned or disinherited, scholars theorized that for the same reason the prince rarely set foot on his home world of Alderaan after his marriage.


Comic I meant to draw After This Roleplay but only finished now because I’m a slow buttface that hates her art right now.

Sometimes instead of RPing I just draw a scenario, because I’m stupid and apparently want to give myself more work than just logging some chat boxes. After Tel’nara’s attack by Tex-Rax, R gets a little concerned for his Padawan’s wellbeing, and does some digging about the bounty hunter. He shares his findings with Cyrus Rax, who helped point him in the right direction in the first place.

And sasses him, because that’s what Jedi do.