Jean Loring

Yeah that sounds like a great plan. Just like proposing to her like once a week until she says yes. I wonder why you’re relationship was doomed from the start?

I don’t understand how he could spend so much time trying to woo her and then when she finally accepts he neglects her until she cheats on him and then he’s upset and she doesn’t want him to be the Atom but then later she kills to get him back. This relationship is so fucked up.



Formerly married to RAY PALMER (THE ATOM), JEAN was a lawyer specializing in criminal law. She lived in Ivy town and helped THE ATOM on cases at times. JEAN later suffered a mental breakdown after accidentally murdering Sue Dibny. While incarcerated at ARKHAM ASYLUM, she was taken over by ECLIPSO and became that entity’s new host and remained so until being killed by MARY MARVEL.

JEAN LORING appears on the second season of the CW TV show ARROW, played by TERYL ROTHERY. She serves as MOIRA QUEENS’s defense lawyer when MOIRA stands trial on charges of criminal conspiracy and 502 counts of murder as the result of all the deaths caused in the Glades when MALCOLM MERLYN’S “Undertaking” devastated the area.

source: comic vine

This is a history that I love and hate at the same time.

I love Ray, and I want him to be happy. I also very much enjoy universes were people can live happy lives without being deemed uninteresting.

But the fact that this really sweet guy has a failed marriage behind him, and that the divorce were both their faults without there being any extreme circumstances involved, is something that I really like. Partly because it doesn’t feel very out of character.

While eveyone managed to be jerks in golden and silver age comics, Jean is a character that always seemed cold (Even though I’m not so sure this was the original author’s intension at the time). And according to some stories, Ray though of Jean as a project - a person he could save. He also mentions that Jean was one of the few people who took notice of him.

Some of these reasons are of course made up in hindsight, but I’ve always felt like it wasn’t an all that strong relationship.

Still breaks my heart, though. But in a good way.

‘Stargate SG-1′s’ Teryl Rothery Joins ‘Arrow’

Stargate SG-1′ and ‘Smallville’ actress Teryl Rothery recently confirmed that she had joined the second season of ‘Arrow‘ in a 3-4 episode story arc.  She has now revealed that she will be portraying Jean Loring, a character with ties to the comic book sources.  This is how she is described:

“JEAN LORING is a savvy attorney from the DC COMICS UNIVERSE who would do anything for her clients. Jean makes her way onto “Arrow” as a longtime friend and legal counsel to Moira Queen, who is on trial for her role in the destruction of The Glades, but soon finds herself pulled into the scandalous lives of the entire Queen family.”

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