He meets this beautiful woman and falls in love. He starts to realize he doesn’t want to go to prison and live this way. And it may be a surprise for some people, but at some point Wolf knows he’s not going in. He’s too much a free spirit and there is no way to cage this animal.

The whole point of the movie is to ask what mark you leave on this world. Are you judged by that one action? Are you defined by that action? You get to see him in love, and you get to see him through Cash’s eyes…when people like Wolf pass they get to live on in you.

Jason Momoa 
on Robert Wolf: Road to Paloma

5 Awesome Pieces of Jason Momoa Aquaman Fan Art

When the ultimate court case, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, hits theaters in 2016, former Game of Thrones cast member Jason Momoa will be taking on the water-y hero Aquaman. Since there’s no official art of him in costume yet, we’ll have to settle for some fan art (all of which looks something along the lines of “Khal Drogo Under the Sea”).

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