Behind The Torch with Japanese, glass artist, Masataka Joei.

An exclusive, behind the scenes look into the artistic processes and techniques of Masataka Joei, one of Japan’s finest borosilicate glass artists.  Full Gallery with descriptions and bonus shots: http://imgur.com/gallery/PvaZ7

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The Alex Reinke @horikitsune live Tebori demonstration on Daisuke Sakaguchi @the27life for the London Mens Fashion Week June 2013 presentation by the @horiyoshi_thethird @horiyoshi3 and @timothyeverest brand. Photo by David Jensen.

Horiyoshi 3: http://horiyoshi3tattoo.com/

Alex Reinke: http://www.holyfoxtattoos.de/

Daisuke Sakaguchi: http://the27life.com/

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日本庭園 桜 Cherry Blossoms - 念佛宗(念仏宗無量寿寺) 兵庫県加東市226 by Art Project 念佛宗(念仏宗無量寿寺) on Flickr.

Happy Halloween from the Asian Art Museum! There are far too many spooky works of art in our collection, we couldn’t choose! Try visiting our collection site and using search terms like “ghosts,” “spirits,” “witch,” etc — you’ll see. It’s great fun. 

So here’s a timely book from our store. Where is this guy “head”ing? He sure does have a mouthful! 


PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE - http://freshdoodle.bigcartel.com/product/metamorphosis-tetsuo-akira

Hello friends! I present to you, my 2nd piece for tonight’s RED show, hosted by Planet Pulp at Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles CA! This is my version of bad ass Tetsuo of Akira! Drew this and my previous Kaneda to compliment each other, as Tetsuo transforms into a huge blob abomination when Kaneda shoots him. For those who have no idea what Akira is, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s been one of the best mangas out there and a big influence to any newly released manga series.

Available for purchase tonight at Hero Complex Gallery, 2020 South Robertson Blvd, LA, doors open 6pm!

Size: 13x19”
Run: 50
Type: Giclee
Signed and Numbered

Leftovers from tonight’s show are available online tomorrow 7/6/2013 at www.herocomplexgallery.com!

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龍彫刻 Dragon - 念佛宗(念仏宗無量寿寺) 兵庫県加東市015 by Art Project 念佛宗(念仏宗無量寿寺) on Flickr.