so i have luke’s selfie as my wallpaper on my phone, and like a couple months ago my brother noticed it and he asked me what was luke’s name and so i told him, and he then told my dad about it, i found out not long after my brother told my dad about it because, we were having dinner one day and my dad just suddenly asks me “how is luke” and i was like “what?” and he says “how is luke? luke. your boyfriend, luke” and i choked on my food, i’m not even kidding. and i asked my dad who told him about luke and my dad simply just pointed to my brother and said “your brother did” and just then i remembered my brother noticed my lockscreen, so i just played along and ever since then, each time we have a family gathering, a chorus of “how’s luke?” is just being thrown at me like they all think luke is my boyfriend, more like I WISH, and so yesterday my dad told me he wanted to meet luke and so i went into my brother’s room that has a printer in it, and i took my computer out, and told my dad to follow me if he wanted to see luke, so then i printed out a picture of luke from my computer and i showed it to my dad and he asked me why was i giving him that and so i told him that he just said he wanted to meet luke earlier so and he legit just starts laughing and pats me on the head and literally said “you’re funny, but im serious i want to meet him” WHAT I TRIED TO TELL MY DAD THAT LUKE ISNT MY BOYFRIEND BUT HE DOESNT BELIEVE ME BUT IF HE SAYS SO IM MORE THAN HAPPY but every time my family mentions about luke it seems so real and it makes me so happy but then it hits me like seconds after, that its not real, and never will be and then there is me, drowning in a pool of my own tears im done bYE