Jana Brike


Jana Brike born 1980 is an artist from Riga, Latvia.

Like the masters of the early renaissance, Jana Brike creates her paintings layer by layer but using 21st century technology. She makes use of the synthetic properties of digital photography and 3D computer programmes as an instrument for her works. She combines these with a fine and precise drawing in graphite, coloured pencil, ballpoint pen, highlighter and brushwork painting using oil, tempera, gouache and spray paints. This is Jana Brike’s toolbox of methods for capturing in the painting the final point of collision of contrasts in both the material and the image as artificial - natural, living - dead, beautiful - unpleasant, attractive - repellent and so on. Jana Brike uses these visual techniques to construct compositions and narrative scenarios, which she does not impose on the viewer but speaks about them discreetly in modestly sized and small paintings  

Ilze Zeivate



Curated by artist Gromyko Semper, “Endangered Visions” is a group show with a wide breadth of artists but a short longevity. Set to premiere at ManilART, the Philippines’ largest annual art fair, October 15 through 19, the show features dozens of Filipino and international artists who work with surreal imagery, albeit in vastly different ways. “‘Endangered Visions’ seeks to counterbalance an art world driven by a rapacious market with something more contemplative, subtle and challenging,” said Semper in an email to Hi-Fructose. In addition to organizing the show, he will be one of the exhibiting artists alongside Jana Brike, Teiji Hayama, Kirsten Stingle and many others. Take a look at our preview on Hi-Fructose.


Upcoming! “Mysterium Cosmographicum” Group Exhibition, from June 5th till August 30th, 2014, Stephen Romano Gallery , Brooklyn, NY.
Opening June 5th 6-9 pm

Show featuring:
Martin Wittfooth, Colin Christian, Alessia lannetti, Jana Brike, Dan Barry, El Gato Chimney, Edward Robin Coronel, Charles Dellschau, Sonya Fu, Kris Kuksi, William Mortensen, Heiko Müller, Peca…….and many others….

Alessia Iannetti
“Calliope”, graphite, watercolor and ink on wood, 30x30 cm, 2013.