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Wolverine, by Barry Windsor-Smith.

‘Marvel Comics Presents: Weapon X’ is the measuring stick for comics with Wolverine as the main character.

'Marvel Comics Presents: Weapon X’ was published in increments over 13 issues. MCP was an anthology series, featuring usually 2 or more seperate stories, with seperate creative teams. It was a good way for Marvel to test out ideas, and it played well for creators that were not able to produce a full monthly comic book on a consistent schedule.

The story was published in 5-6 page increments over a period of 13 months, give or a take a few weeks. I don’t remember what other stories appeared in those issues of Marvel Comics Presents, but Barry wrote, penciled, inked, colored, lettered, and provided the cover artwork for the entire 13 issue run. So, given that he did that much, I think he gets a pass on being slow to produce it.

Anyways, my original point is the quality of the work that Barry produced for Weapon X. The easiest way I can describe that book is that it is like a stream-of-conscious origin story. There is absolutely no narration, and Wolverine has very, very little dialogue. He also spends the majority of the comic book being experimented upon, dissected, brainwashed, drugged, or forced to hunt animals as a demonstration of his combat effectiveness. That scene in the snow I posted? Where he has the helmet on, and he just popped the claws on one hand? That helmet lets the Weapon X doctors see through his viewpoint, and they basically use him like a videogame. They shove wires and electrodes into him, and set him loose. The main point of this comic book is that it shows the readers the horrors committed upon Wolverine. And what made it all so much worse is that he only remembered an experience as traumatic as the Weapon X project was after Wanda Maximoff restored all of Wolverine’s memories at the end of 'House of M’.

'House of M’ was published in 2005, almost 15 years after 'Marvel Comics Presents: Weapon X’ was being published, from 1990-1991.

You want to know who the Number 1 most horrifically experimented upon mutant in the Marvel Universe is? Probably Wolverine, or he is way up there. And yet he is a good man that tries to do the right thing. I do not know of a different definition for a heroic character.