Cut For Time: Morning News - Saturday Night Live

The Sweetheart compilations adhere to a simple concept in which well-liked contemporary artists cover well-liked classic love songs just in time for Valentine’s Day. This year’s participants include Fiona Apple, Vampire Weekend, Sharon Jones, Ben Harper, Jim James, Beck, Valerie June and more.

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So SNL cut a Ferguson sketch from Saturday night’s show and of course it’s far and away the best, most daring sketch the show has had in…years? Certainly stronger than anything they’ve limped out with this season. Bold, dark, topical and hilarious, going to a place that this show has been too afraid to venture for a long time now and totally at odds with the damp, tepid and safe material they’ve been frequenting that has made them completely irrelevant.

Why am I not surprised that this is the sketch they cut for time rather than the dismal Magic Bridge or the continuously diminishing returns of the Porn Stars routine.