Back in March a Days of Our Lives cast photo surfaced with a then-unknown young man standing next to Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton). Approximately a week ago word began spreading on the internet that this young man, Casey Moss, would be playing Jack Deveraux Jr., whose casting had been rumoured for a while.

The character was born in 2004 and has been aged to fit the teen group in Salem. He will be returning early for summer from his European boarding school, where he has spent his existence thus far. After his father’s death in 2012, Jack Jr. told his mother when she went to visit him in England that he would be going by “Jack” to honor his father. However in the recent press he has been called “JJ” again. If the character goes by “Jack” it would probably signal a desire by the current powers that be to not bring his father back on the show ever again.

It has been speculated that Jack Jr. could cause some trouble for Jennifer’s relationship with her current boyfriend, Daniel Jonas, and that he might be paired with Jen Lilley’s as-yet-unrevealed character, per Lilley’s  tweet above.

Casey Moss has had a career as a model thus far. He can be found on twitter at 1CaseyMoss, where he has already struck up a rapport with his castmates, and on facebook, where you can check out his musical talents singing and playing the guitar. He was originally set to premiere on Friday, May 3rd, but those episodes were preempted by the Boston tragedy. Look for him on Tuesday’s show (our guess, but hopefully a good one).