Jack's Family Headcanon

This is a theory with a few facts that might explain who are Jack’s parents. Please remember that this is more or less an opinion.

Jack’s Parents are:

The theory is that Katherine and Nightlight are Jack’s Parents.

The facts that might support this theory are:

  • In the books series, Nightlight and Katherine have showed strong feeling for each other. Throughout the books, the two of them developed a strong bond that continued to grow stronger to the point that they can’t bear to be without the other and they go as far as to protect the other from danger. Also Nightlight has referred to Katherine as “My Katherine”. 
  • In The Sandman and the War of Dreams, Nightlight woke Katherine up from Pitch’s Nightmares with a kiss of good night. For one eternal instant, Nightlight’s lips touched Katherine’s, and all of Pitch’s dark spells were gone (Page 208).
  • As the moonbeam had told Sandy, he couldn’t use the power of the kiss and stay a Nightlight. Change was coming. Nightlight could feel that. But he was not alone. Katherine once again took his hand (page 220).
    Good dreams were had by all. Even Nightlight. For the first time, the boy who never slept finally did (page 221). 
    As we can see Nightlight won’t stay a child forever and he will start to grow, but Katherine would be there to support him.
  • At the end of The Sandman and the War of Dreams, there’s a preview of what to come. One of these is Katherine’s and Nightlight’s fate unfold! By mentioning them both together we can speculate that their fate is connected in some way.
  • But the biggest fact that might support the theory comes from the Jack Frost Picture Book. In which we see Jack’s shadow in the shape of Nightlight. This may represent that Jack and Nightlight are similar in many ways. And what better way than being father and son.

Note: Jack’s history was explained in Rise of the Guardians and William Joyce has stated that movie takes place after the events of book series.

The Hunt

The Hunt

Jack saw her from across the tavern: a figure swathed in a dark-black cloak.

“May I sit?’ he asked.

She nodded subtly, watching as he sat down across from her.

“I’m searching for someone,” he started, “I believe you can help.”

“Oh?” she replied.

“I’m looking for the leader of the Coven. A witch named Elsa,” Jack said. Her head snapped up, the hood of her cloak slipping to reveal piercing-blue eyes, blood-red lips, and platinum-blonde hair.

Jack smirked.

“And I believe that I just found her.”

“You will not win against me, Hunter,” she hissed.

Try me,” he whispered.


Photographer: Julia Trotti Designer: LENNI the Label Model: Mimi

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Soo, my sweet friend showed me her cute lill fanfic based on Elsa and Jack Frost and it just reminded me on how fckn much I actually love dreamworks for their lovely and amazing characters! Jack Frost is dev someone I will love even when I will be grey - 1000% sure, let me just say that! Well, so what happend - instead of doin shit for school like a normal productive and dependable adolescent (who even needs school anyway) I took my pencil and started doodling around - Basically this is what turned out - A Jack Hot… Sorry, I meant Jack Frost with his old dark hair, yaas That’s actually it Enjoy your day!


{ M } y name is Jack Frost. How do I know that ? The Moon told me so. But that was all he ever told me. 

And that was a l o n g, long time ago. ”