Hey Hiccup? — Hi…

Gather ‘round ye children, because today’s the day I can finally say that I put my years of drawing practice to some use, and made a shitty fanart of the best fanfiction ever written by man.

If you’ve still haven’t read Apocryphal Gallery by Just Call Me Endy then first of all, what are you doing with your life, and second; Do it. Now.

Anyway, I felt the need to draw a little passage of that scene (you know which one…) to keep myself from bawling my eyes out because I’ll probably never be half as good at writing as he is.

Eh, who cares? At least now I can draw hijack fluff y’all!



From my headcanons, Jack was on North’s naughty list not because he was number one but because his name managed to stay in the book for over a hundred years. The record North mentions is the that Jack’s name was on the list the longest, not because Jack was the naughtiness. He just managed to remain steadily naughty for a long time. 

It’s probably gone now. Probably. North doesn’t control his book of naughty and nice kids, it sorta works on it’s own magic.

Tooth placed both her hands on his face and raised his chin until his eyes lifted to meet hers.

"It’s going to be ok; we’re here for you. You don’t have to figure it all out alone any more."

Finally done with this one and posting the full version now instead of just updates of the one little section! I guess this came about because I was picturing how the other Guardians might react once they learned more about some of the harder things in Jack’s past and really understood everything he had been through. I think all of Tooth’s precious motherliness would zero in on their little boy instantly, and it would be a point where they could really communicate to him that they’ve got his back, that they’re there for the long haul, and that they care about him as if he were family.

(Created in Autodesk’s Sketchbook for iPad with Wacom’s Intuos Creative Stylus (1).)