Story time, today my boyfriend was meant to get up at 3am to leave at 3:30 for work, and some time through the night he told me he was now getting up at 4am and had set his alarms. Sleepy me didn’t question this. When I woke him up at 4 and asked why he wasn’t up, he gave me the blankest voice I’ve ever heard and said ‘I don’t fucking care anymore.’ He’s a true inspiration to me.


This moment is huge.

It’s huge and it KNOWS it’s huge, and it’s created specifically be BE huge. I’m happy to say that it works for me so well in so many ways.

We don’t know where Crystal’s going to go yet, but assuming it follows the same basic points from the original anime (which it may or may not), then there WAS no Sailor Moon in the Silver Millennium.

I’ve talked a whole lot about how I see things in the SilMil, very much including the relationship between Princess Serenity and her Senshi. My headcanon (loosely) is the idea of Sailor Moon is a creation of Queen Serenity fulfilling the desires of her daughter (see also here, here, and here). What we are seeing is no less than the birth of Sailor Moon.

I love the moment where Usagi names herself. LOVE. She has a second of hesitation where she tries to answer the very simple question of “Who are you?”, and while Luna prompts Usagi, she doesn’t TELL her. That’s a tiny detail that I simply adore.

In the original anime, Luna tells Usagi who she is.

In PGSM, Usagi says it herself, but automatically, as though it’s already old hat.

With Crystal we have that moment where Usagi genuinely has NO IDEA how to answer who she is. From the standpoint of my Giant Sailor Moon Canon Voltron (which I’ll apply until Crystal shows me otherwise), she SHOULDN’T. There’s never been a Sailor Moon before now.

It is so wonderful and important that Usagi gets to decide who she’ll be.

I love how, as the moon shines brighter, Usagi seizes this. Throughout Crystal we’ve seen her fumbling around and generally seeming like life is something completely out of her control. She can’t get up on time, she can’t go down stairs properly, she can’t take two steps without busting her face. She’s late, she’s hungry, she’s failing. She’s not up on the latest trends and news, she’s not good at games without help, her family’s upset with her. She can’t even get a nap in.

But in this moment when Usagi is asked who she is, she panics for just a second, but then SHE KNOWS. It’s everything she’s waited two lifetimes to be. A slow smile spreads, and for the first time all episode — possibly for the first time in her life — we see a glimmer of person Usagi has the capacity to be.

I think there are a lot of reads on this, on that smile in particular. But for me, I adore what I see as a moment where — for reasons she couldn’t possibly understand — Usagi feels she’s waited her entire life to say the words “I am Sailor Moon”.

The closest you will ever come to knowing how it FEELS to be Mamoru.




What a perfect utter sweetheart you are and just JUST FLAILING

Okay, okay, where am I starting.

Okay, let’s start with MAKO, who is just standing there, and she’s watching Usagi dance, and she’s watching Rei dance, and she’s watching Minako dance with EVERYBODY EVER. She’s so clearly — SO SO CLEARLY — the one most excited about this dance. I mean Mako went all the fuck OUT, you know? She probably made dress herself (since the impression is that Nice Things would be hard to come by in Mako’s size). Now I can’t sew for shit but I’m gonna go ahead and say you probably can’t spit that out overnight. So she’s been working like crazy on this drop-dead dress and she looks fucking amazing.

All the girls sweep into the gym, and you know that Usagi and Chibi-Usa drug Mamoru out to the dance floor IMMEDIATELY. Rei probably didn’t get more than five steps in before she had a guy asking her to dance. Minako was a mere five steps behind THAT, and as she’s walking to the floor with her guy, she beckons over a second who’s looking on like, “Oh there is enough of me for you both, bring it.”

But poor Mako, she’s all self-conscious, and so she slinks to the wall and looks like she’s kind of trying to phase through it, but she wants a dance SO BADLY, and my heart is breaking.


And here’s what gets me, because these two girls look out for each other. You easily see it with Mako all the time. I could fill this post with endless images of Mako looking out for Ami, protecting her. It’s in Mako’s nature, we know that already, she would and does protect anyone. But there’s something special about Ami. From pretty much their first moment, Mako is drawn to Ami. She’s always nearby, not just to protect her physically in battle, but emotionally outside of it too. You do NOT fuck with Ami while Mako is around. And she and Usagi would vie for title of Ami’s Biggest Cheerleader. Again, it all makes sense. That’s Mako’s nature. Her entire bearing screams “protector”, and Ami is physically (and power-wise) the weakest, and emotionally the most fragile. It’s no surprise to see that from her.

BUT AMI. Because Ami is EVERY SINGLE BIT as protective back to Mako.

Ami knows how deeply Mako feels everything, she knows how Mako’s own nature exposes her to hurt time and time and TIME again. She’s the first one to know when Mako’s getting ahead of herself, she’s the first to see danger coming because Mako’s too bull-headed to think it through. And she gets FIERCE. Nothing brings out Ami’s forcefulness like Mako in danger.

So just like in battle, how Mako keeps an eye open for Ami to make sure she’s okay, here on this dance floor, Ami’s main concern is Mako.

Then this sweetheart — this shy, soft-spoken girl — is going to throw aside every single bit of concern about what people may think or what they might say. Because if everybody there is too stupid to want to dance with the best, most beautiful girl, then who cares what they think?

Everything about Mako and Ami’s friendship is so nurturing and mutually supportive. It’s literally everything you could ever want. You two. YOU TWO.









We have NEVER seen Usagi hate someone like she is hating Nehellenia right now.

I think the closest we’ve seen her is when she’s just learned about the fall of the Moon Kingdom and she faces Kunzite. I always saw that as the first moment Usagi has ever truly, deeply hated someone, and although she only reflects Kunzite’s attack back on him, I see her striking out in vengeance (justice?) for her past death, the deaths of her loved ones, and the utter destruction of everything she held dear.

I really love that moment for Usagi. I’ve spent no small number of words talking about how the Usagi that I see is far — desperately, perfectly far — from perfection. Usagi is love, but sometimes it’s flawed, selfish love. The love that refuses to accept that she can’t have everything. To defeat the bad guy and save the world and win the day and have her friends and have her miracle romance and keep everyone safe and everything happy forever and ever and ever.

Nehellenia has just told her no.

Nehellenia has just ripped a hole in the fabric of Usagi’s life.

And Usagi is PISSED.

I love how Usagi’s grown to be able to BECOME pissed. Just a few years ago, when faced with loss, Usagi wanted to give up. Take the ginzuishou, take the world, just don’t hurt us anymore. When faced with loss upon loss, Usagi became near catatonic.

She’s been through so much since then. All of that grief is there, but she’s learned how to not drown in it. She’s learned how to use it to help her fight back.

I so love that she has this potential. Give me an Usagi with layers and ranges of emotions. Give me an Usagi that can know hate, so that then there’s an Usagi who can rise above it.

This beautiful flawed person who knows all extremes, that’s my Usagi.


Holy shit. Usagi just caught this sword bigger than her entire body, as swung at maximum strength by a supernatural monster at least three times her size, AND CAUGHT IT BETWEEN HER BARE HANDS




This may be the most physically badass thing I have ever seen Usagi do.

This is the same Usagi:

Look at her now.

Anybody with anything bad to say about Usagi, I will fight you.

Possibly with swords.

Also, I can’t be the only one who went here:

This is the last time Mako gets to touch anyone before she dies.