Kpop 2014 is like Lord Voldemort "The year that should not be named"

Person: So what exactly happened with kpop in 2014?

Me: *le gasp* Don’t you mean The year that should not be named?!

Advice for Juniors
  1. Sit for your SAT the first time in December at the latest
  2. Sit for your SAT the second time before June 
  3. Do not leave repeating your SAT till the fall of your senior year
  4. Finish your extended essay first draft in the summer (seriously, do not procrastinate) 
  5. Sit for your TOEFL (if you have to) in the summer going into senior year
  6. Sit for your SAT II/SAT Subject tests (if you have to) in the fall of your senior year
  8. Revise all junior year material in the summer (DO NOT FREAKING PROCRASTINATE) 
  9. Finish the majority of your CAS hours in your junior year (Especially action hours)

This has been brought to you by an IB senior who is drowning in the consequences of procrastination. 

I seriously don’t want any of you in my shoes. Do yourselves a favor, listen to this advice. 

Good luck


Looked through my old tumblr...

My god did I blow things out of proportion… 

Well, embarrassing pasts… we all have them, right…

Okay, no regrets now. At least I’ve learned and I’m a little calmer now.. right? RIGHT? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?

Yeah I should really password protect that shit… geezus

SHITSUKĒNDAYO!: a younger (age twelve/thirteen/fourteen) natsuya nijisaki fanmix

[listen here] | [art source]

{1. teenagers- my chemical romance

you’re never gonna fit in much, kid

but if you’re troubled and hurt

what you got under your shirt

will make them pay for the things that they did

{2. get out the way- mother mother

there’s spit on my face

the hot breath of the human race

and i know, i know, i’m supposed to integrate

but how’s about instead i inch away?

{3. people are strange- the doors

when you’re strange, faces come out of the rain

when you’re strange, no one remembers your name

{4. we will rock you- queen

buddy, you’re a young man, hard man

shoutin’ in the streets, gonna take on the world someday

you got blood on your face

you big disgrace

wavin’ your banner all over the place

{5. beat it- fall out boy feat. john mayer (original by michael jackson)

you better run, you better do what you can

don’t wanna see no blood, don’t be a macho man

you wanna be tough, better do what you can

so beat it, but you wanna be bad

{6. caught like a fly- falling in reverse

and when you die

i won’t be at your wake

no eulogy from me

just a smile on my face

{7. thiskidsnotalright- awolnation

you can follow them to hell

but this kid’s not alright

{8. world encyclopedia of twentieth century murder- the lucksmiths

stock still and perfectly silent

violently unhappy, or happily violent?

{9. wrecking ball- mother mother

i am unruly in the stands

i am a rock on top of the sand

i am a fist amidst the hands

and i break it, just because i can

{10. secret track- secret artist

listen to find out!

my first class today is psychology and i’m pretty good at psych so B)

plus i’m gonna look cute af :))))

literally just yelled “I have no fucking clue what I’m doing” outloud because this syllabus and the assignments on it make -10 sense and i hear my residents next door start to laugh

wait till u get to ur junior year u little shits


Elementary school: omg tv!
Middle school: I miss everybody:( I wanna go back to school:(
Freshman year: ugh I’m bored. Movie marathon it is….
Sophomore year: sleep away the pain of existence…
Junior year: Shit! No! Wait! Ah! I don’t want to go back! Shit! I have a social life now! *sob*

And as the years went by, my procrastinating skills were perfected

I went online to find a good app for to-do lists so I could get my shopping list all organized and 5 hours later I made an entire practice lesson/presentation thing teaching english verbs