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This JClaw whatever thing got me thinking…one thing I’m trying to teach my kids is to not look to celebrities as role models. That’s not their job.  If an athlete is on a team, we are there to watch him play, which is what he was hired for, not to study and emulate his personal life. That is not his purpose. It’s the same thing with actors.  I watch JLaw films because she’s a great actress. She can have 17 lovers for all I care - she’s not Ghandi or Jesus for me to look to her as my moral compass.

It’s amazing, uplifting when figures in the public eye behave admirably and overcome great odds to become successful and are not plagued by missteps and poor decisions. But they cannot function as stand-ins for our moral values.  They are human beings who happen to be good at something that gets them a lot of attention and as such will and should make mistakes.  But there are other places to look for models for moral behaviors.  Hollywood or the “limelight” should not be that place.

I just going to tell you what i think but i can be wrong. I wonder if you remember awhile back jennifer did a interview where she said that she must remember that being alone does not mean being lonely. I get the feeling that jennifer does not like being alone. there must always be somebody that is just around when she needs them. And even if they are dating i don’t think that it will even last very long. I mean he is a Old man with a ex wife and 2 children. There is an article that say it is like a fantasy come true. I mean if it is true? How long is it going to take before you see that a fantasy is just that it always be a lovely fantasy. It is never as good as the fantasy in you head.

If you get just a little bit older maybe on 26,27 maybe little older i don’t know for jennifer but she is going to want to start working on a family of her own. Not help working on somebodies else family. You will see that Chris is very committed to his ex and the children. How many family holidays are jennifer going to give up for chris to go to have a family holiday with the ex wife and there children?

Rumor has it that Chris is so in love with her. (no shit so is the half of the world) And It is likely for him to be in love with her because let have a example. I’m 37 and have a ex with 2 children. I meet a girl that is very popular, very funny, has a awesome personality, super sexy and she is willing to have a go with me. Do you really think that Chris will say no to that?

The question is Is Jennifer really in love with Chris or are she in love the the idea of Chris is in Coldplay her favourite band.

I know that you are going to say “Yeah but she is going to all the concerts”. If i have a opportunity to travel with one of my favourite bands across country and have backstage pass and everything or i stay at home and have nothing to do? I WILL GO, no doubt about it.

We will never know what happened with her and nick. So for all the joult fans. If she really loved nick there is no chance in hell that you can fall in love with somebody else that fast. You fall in love with the idea of you will be okay and happy. So when somebody comes along you do anything to take the pain away. You will take the heavy media, You will take all the cameras pointing in your face. You will do anything to move on. I must say with nick she had a more realistic relationship.

So for all the Joshifer fans. We will never know what happened with Jen and Josh. I myself is a Joshifer fan. But my view is that it looks like Josh is trying very hard for the relationship with claudia. When TIFF happened everyone was awwww they look like great couple and everything but when Jennifer goes to a concert of coldplay everybody is like the ship is sinking and everything. Josh is in a relationship with claudia that we don’t know for how long but did you ever stop and think that maybe jen is just keeping herself busy and not to mope about what josh is doing? There was the interview where he said that the talked not so much these days. Did you ever stop and think that he is always with claudia do you think that he or jen is going to sms and chat the whole time if they know that claudia is with him at all times? I also get the idea that they are angry at each other. Maybe something happened and they fought and now jen is running with old guys and josh is trying to stay happy with claudia. The point is that we will never know what happened but if you really jump ship because something like this is happening then you were never really in the ship. Real ship have always hope.

Now to Joshifer and Joult shippers. FOR WHAT REASON ARE YOU FIGHTING? Not everybody is going to have always the same opinion. Never in this whole world is there going to be somebody that agree with everything you do 100%. That is not how the human race is made. We are all unique. If somebody say something you don’t agree with why fight with them and make them see you point? Why cant we accepted that not everybody is going to agree with you. Yes you can say what your opinion is but why do we always have to fight with people and because we don’t agree with that person we have to do damage to them?Example: It is the same that i can tell you now that not every person here are in the same religion. Every person believes in what the believe. There hope is in what they believe. Why do you want to destroy somebodies hope? Let them believe in what they want to believe in and you believe in what you want to believe in.

Stop destroying other people that does not believe in the same hope that you have.

Jen is not with Nick or josh so why fight? Maybe we can stand together and dis like thing of Jen and Chris together. Lol That was a joke. But i really do not like the idea of the old man with jen. But that is my opinion.