On Sept. 18, the people of Scotland will decide whether to secede from the rest of the UK. This referendum is by nature a very divisive issue, with only two deceptively simple options on offer: Yes or No.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the Scottish independence referendum (or #indyref) doesn’t follow a simple Braveheart narrative of downtrodden Scottish rebels fighting back against their English overlords. Opinion polls show the country split more or less 50/50, with a record voter registration rate of 97%.

The public face of the anti-independence campaign is Better Together, which is backed by all three of England’s main political parties: the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government, plus the center-left opposition Labour party. The biggest problem with this? All three of these parties are headed up by posh, Oxbridge-educated Englishmen, the precise demographic that many Scottish voters are sick of seeing in power.

The Conservatives are so unpopular in Scotland that Prime Minister David Cameron recently said that people shouldn’t vote for independence just to “give the effing Tories a kick.”


September Book Photo Challenge

Day 16 : OTP

DRAMIONE (Draco x Hermione)

Ever since I first read the Harry Potter series, I kept seeing Draco and Hermione as a power couple. I know that a lot of people hate this ship, saying that it’s irrational and against the Romione canon but hey, one can dream, right?

I don’t know. I just feel that they would be a good match. Their personalities are so similar despite their different beliefs. Anyway, I just really love them. I am addicted to reading Dramione fanfics and this ship is the reason why I discovered Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments series.

I mean, if you are a huge Dramione fanatic, it’s impossible that you have not heard of the Draco Dormiens trilogy that made a big blast in the world of fanfiction. 

Two A.M. (Jily Neighbor AU)

In which James has an annoying new neighbor who won’t stop playing music in the early morning.

James sighed in frustration and rubbed his eyes under his glasses. That stupid new neighbor of his has her (he could tell by the voice) STUPID music on again. And she was singing. At the top of top of her STUPID lungs.
And see if this was the first night, he wouldn’t mind so much. But this was the third. The third night at which it was two in the morning and he was losing sleep. Whether or not he loved the Beatles, he would gladly strangle them in a split second at this point. Let it be was playing yet again and James couldn’t take it. He stood up and in his rage of annoyance, rapped on the pester-some neighbors door.
“Would you quiet down!” He shouted. There was a slight pause in the singing and he heard the girl snort. The door suddenly opened and he stopped short. A girl a couple inches shorter than him opened the door. She was wearing an oversized sweater and shorts. Her flaming red hair was pulled into a messy bun with shorter strands framing her freckled flawless face. The mystery girls milky white legs seemed to go for miles and he immediately snapped his eyes up trying to avoid those thoughts.
Until he saw her eyes. It was then that his train of thought was lost completely. Her big doe eyes were green and had a softness to them, a kindness, but at the same time a fierceness. A confidence that she knew who she was and that she wouldn’t be pushed around, but had a loving heart that could stretch for miles.
“…..hello? Hey there!” The goddess was snapping her fingers in his face.
He started blinking rapidly and stammered, “sorry what?”
She smirked at him playfully and said, “you wanted something?”
“I um…. I was wondering if you could uh,”
“Her come in there’s a draft I’m freezing,” she gave him a warm smile and moved so he could enter.
“Thanks.” He entered the house and immediately noticed landscape artworks and a bookcase so full that there was no room for him to even fit a finger into. “Nice place,” he commented thoughtfully. He wasn’t lying, it was nice. It was orderly, clean, well put together.
“Thank you,” another warm smile, “now what was it you wanted? You seemed to have spaced out when I opened the door.”
“Oh well…” James ran his hand through his hair, “I um. Well first what’s your name?” Hands through hair.
“Lily Evans, and you?” Red head responded. Yeah. He thought he’d call her Red.
“James Potter.” Hands through hair.
Lily gave him a peculiar look. “Alright there Potter?”
Hands through hair. “Yeah why?”
“Uh well, it’s just you keep running your hands through your hair…”
Hands through hair. “Am I?”
She laughed as she saw James have a look of realization and embarrassment hit him.
She walked over to him and gave him a cup of tea. “Here Potter this should help you a bit,” the smell warmed his senses.
“Right so um,” she pulled down his hand before he could run it through his hair and smirked. “I was wondering…” His cheeks flamed up “could you maybe…” his lack of courage was embarrassing at the moment. “Well Evans. We have a problem, I can’t seem to address you about the problem I originally came to see you here for because you’ve been nothing but kind and opening and your the most stunning women I have ever met Red and-” his rambling was cut short by Lily Evans mouth on his. Even if it was a brief second.
“You talk too much.” She smirked a little. She laid back on the couch and casually the talked for an hour. His mind was buzzing the whole time. She was amazing. He learned where she went to college and her interests. He learned she had just ended long term friendship but she wouldn’t go into it. In return he had told her about sports and his family. He shared tales of the marauders and their stories. Suddenly he noticed her face changed and she looked away.
“You think I’m stunning?” Her voice shook a little.
“The most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” He lightly placed his hand on her cheek.
“I’m sorry I kissed you so quickly. You’ve been over hardly ten minutes and it’s just. I’ve always believed I was just a freak. My sister has always told me so. And.” Her voice was shaking so badly that James heart broke a little.
“Well screw your sister. She must just be jealous. You are beautiful and honestly? While the kiss was quick, it was what I had been thinking about since you opened that door.”
She scrunched her nose. “Kissing me?”
“No.” He light grabbed her chin to level her gaze on him, “to get to know you.” She smiled at him with that dazzling smile once again.
“Well and to ask you to turn your music down. That last three nights I have had fantasies about killing John Lennon.”
She grinned innocently at him “well maybe I will just have to play music every night for forever if it means you come back. I’m afraid you are too fun to pass up.”
“Hmm. Maybe. Just no more Beatles.”
“No deal. Beatles are too good. I’d rather see you tortured.” She said with an evil spark in her eyes.
“Fine. How about a date tomorrow and no Beatles for a week.” He compromised.
“Make it two dates and you have a deal,” she said business like.
“Even better.” They shook hands like professionals which just made the situation more fun. Before he could pull away she grabbed tighter and said “But no kissing until the second date!” And let go cheering with triumph.
He looked at her horrified. “YOU CHEATED!” He shouted. Red stuck her tongue out at him childishly. “Oh no you don’t!” He grabbed her and started tickling her which made her curl into a ball and laugh.
“Stop stop stop I’m ticklish this isn’t fair!” She said practically wheezing.
“You cheated. Well deserved.” She grabbed his hands and pulled him to the door. She put their foreheads together laughing. “Well I might just need to change the deal…” Her lips came closer and closer. Then she suddenly shouted “Just kidding. See you tomorrow Potter!” And threw him out the door. James stood there stunned but grinned giddily. Boy, he was so incredibly screwed.