That moment when Tyler falls into the pool & Josh tries to save him but just falls in with him. stillstreet

have u guys really considered jim as a professor
  • professor james moriarty in a cardigan with elbow patches and pair of really old glasses which he refuses to replace because he hates wearing glasses but also needs them if he expects to read the attendance sheet or anything else for that matter
  • professor james moriarty walking into class with a messenger bag full of books plus an armful
  • professor james moriarty staying up all night preparing for his lesson, squinting at the footnotes and periodically pushing up his glasses
  • professor james moriarty enthralling his class with the physics of black holes, his eyes lighting up as he talks, his students on the edges of their seats
  • professor james moriarty bringing an ancient hand painted star chart to class for the unit on constellations
  • his quiet answer of “my mother” when someone asks where it’s from
  • the other professors whispering in the lounge about their youngest faculty member, about how incredible it is that he’s already published at his age
  • professor james moriarty blithely ignoring their stares as he reads a text on astrophysics in the corner, his sandwich forgotten 
  • more than half of said faculty admitting that he looks really hot in those glasses
  • professor james moriarty passionately arguing in front of the board of directors about the relevance of his field of study
  • professor james moriarty absolutely flogging his students for turning in anything but their most excellent work
  • professor james moriarty smirking as another student storms out of his office when he won’t raise their grade on their thesis submission on wormholes in space
  • professor james moriarty doing this because a) making students cry is fun and b) their thesis was completely wrong, a fact he knows because he literally wrote the book on it 
  • professor james fucking moriarty