I love both Jason and Logan but if I had to choose, in most situations it would be Logan Echolls every damn time. 

This picture however, is one of those rare occasions in which it would be Jason. Hubba Hubba 

Note: I’m not involved with VM or its show people in any way anymore. This was a loooong time ago…

Okay, hanitjemars - this is an old pic my friend sent me from back in the VM days. She went on set during season 3, and I’d been designing fake flyers and stuff for the show. So, here’s Jason Dohring being nice enough to pose snarkily with some of my silly work. They always needed fake flyers & things to make the sets look like a real campus. So, I’d write/design silly fake events/things, email PDFs to their designer, and he’d print things out for set dressing.

I did the Existential Angst flyer, (which is actually what I’d call my coffee shop, if I ran one!) And behind that is a bit of my fake band, “Zombie Contingency Plan.” Behind Jason’s neck is a bit of my friend’s fake band name, “Congealed Cheese.” There were lots of fake things all over the walls of that show’s set.

So, there you go, my former fandom life revisited.

Also please note, this here blog isn’t a VM blog. You’ll most likely be pretty disappointed if you follow me here, because I mostly post about dancing with the stars now! Fer real. Fair warning! You’d want to block the tag “maksyl” at the very least, tbh.