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tbh ur writing is amazing and i cant wait for the next chapter!! u kind of spoiled ur readers with three whole chapters lol! u should consider finding a beta? i hear they help u stay on track for publishing stuff, plus summer's coming along so much free/writing time

Aw thank you! It’s always a bit weird when people say they like my writing, like I know I’m good at plot and characterisation, but with things like flow, emotion and description I kinda suck. The reader has to do a lot of work I think.
And haha, considering I started the fic a year ago and had only done four chapters prior to last week, I think the readers sort of deserved to know I actually was working on it and going somewhere with the plot.

I wouldn’t mind a beta, in an editing capacity, but with the whole deadline thing, I don’t think it would work with me. My dad’s an ADHD, narcisstic borderline personality disordered domestic abuser, who randomly turns up at our house and tried to win us over with presents and stuff, my mum’s new boyfriend is an idiotic alcoholic and my sister is a sixteen year old who’s skipping school and sneaking out of the house to drink, smoke and hang out with her boyfriend. Plus, I’m one of five kids, (well I say kids, I’m almost nineteen and as I said, one of them is sixteen), so my problem isn’t just forgetting and all that, its just family things happen all the time. And with my depression, I don’t really feel as motivated by deadlines as I used to. wow lot’s of unnecessary information. 

“Summer’s coming along” says a person who obviously has never experienced the Australian lifestyle. Winter~ *cough* But yes, since I’m a uni student I do get three months off, though yeah as I said before, it’s more reliant on my family’s doings whether I update or not.

And yes, ohmygosh the next chapter’s going to be a montage one where I’m going to mention the little things Wade and Peter like about each other and it’s going to be fab….


Me after watching spn
  • Me:Hello parents
  • Me:I'm gonna need to know if you ever killed anyone
  • Me:Ever seen any flickering lights around the house?
  • Me:Heard voices?
  • Me:Cold spots?
  • Me:Where's the salt
  • Me:sonofabitch
  • Me:pie
  • Me:Why am i chanting over water you ask? haha not making holy water
  • Me (when watching a movie):oh, thats not how you kill that
  • Me:yes i speak latin why do you look surprised
  • Me:do we have a safe around here i'd like to practice picking locks
  • Me:where do we keep the guns