I think our divas division is very strong and more competitive than it has been since I’ve been on the roster. They definitely are underutilised and don’t get enough air time – some matches just leave you blown away by what they do. I think Trinity (Naomi) is one of the girls that is going to transcend and change the division. She’s so athletic – if she was a guy she’d be a Pro Bowler in the NFL or an All-Star in the NBA, she’s that good.
—  Jack Swagger on GiveTheDivasAChance movement and the diva to look out for.

“I can’t understand why WWE won’t give Kofi Kingston a proper push. Seems like every so often, they’ll have him pull off a huge win and it’ll appear that he might finally be going somewhere, then 2 weeks later he’s back to jobbing. This past year is a good example. He defeated the then-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton cleanly and a couple weeks later, he jobs to the likes of Jack Swagger and Heath Slater. It’s like creative can’t make up their mind and it’s annoying. Kofi has LOADS of potentional and they just keep dropping the ball with him.”