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Take My Picture Thursday | Streetwear Series

Take My Picture Thursday is a series that will showcase inventive styles caught on the street. Striving to reveal the personalities of the well-dressed individuals, this series proves that there is more than what meets the eye.

Meet Joshua. 

Name: Joshua Van Leader Age: 23 Hometown: North Yorkshire, England Occupation: Menswear Designer/Undergraduate Fashion Design Student at Academy of Art University   

Joshua got on the same bus as me and I immediately started to analyze his attire. He was relaxed, refined and regal. Coincidentally, he and and I got off at the same stop so, of course, I tapped him on his shoulder and here we are for another awesome Take My Picture Thursday. 

Joshua wears a Burberry coat, J.Crew jumper, Banana Republic pants, Brooks Brothers shirt, Hugo Boss watch, Dr. Martens bracelet, Nordstrom gloves and Goodwill scarf. The international student designer not only has amazing ambition, but he was very easy to talk to: 

Do you follow any fashion bloggers or websites that inspire your style or creativity? 

I like four pins. Four pins is a good style blog. I’m on that blog. (laughs) They do like high-end fashion pieces. They follow the fashion weeks and stuff like that, so you get a real sense of the street style. And then, obviously, style.com is a big one. There’s one called highsnobiety. It’s kind of like dark and underground. I like that kind of stuff. 

Okay, so you pay attention to fashion publications..that’s awesome..

Oh yeah, absolutely. What I like doing is mixing like really high-end fashion pieces and then going out and finding your own kind of like bargains, but really putting a twist to it all. I mean, you can really create some cool looks from doing stuff like that. I make quite a bit of my own clothes, too. 

So, you mentioned you went to fashion week. How was that experience for you? 

New York Fashion Week was fantastic. I went to Rebecca Minkoff, I went to Lacoste and I went to the AAU’s (Academy of Art University) school show as well…really, really cool experience. If anyone is interested in fashion, get yourself to New York Fashion Week if you can. 

I’m trying. (laughs)

It’s just…the whole…everything about it is so exciting. If you’re rocking some really cool stuff, it’s amazing exposure for you because they’ll love you out there. 

I definitely think that fashion bloggers and streetwear have begun to be more relevant than fashion week at times…

Yeah, you can really get caught up in it. I actually went for the shows but, I almost felt myself getting a little bit caught up in like, you know, all the photographers and what not. 

Describe your style and yourself. 

I’ve always admired Burberry and like really expensive clothes. But, when I was younger, growing up in a family of 5, it was something I was never really allowed to do..to buy expensive stuff. I feel like I have an eye for really cool pieces because I used to have to mix and match. I shopped at bargain stores and like thrift stores, but now I can somewhat afford some really expensive pieces. I still like to do the Goodwill shopping every month or two. I like an outfit that has a lot of character, that speaks about somebody. 

It’s important to carry yourself the way you want to be perceived.

Your dress can say a lot about you, especially in today’s society. It can be a really good thing and possibly a bad thing. 

Do you have any advice for anyone with fashion aspirations? 

Always do you. As far as designs go, always do you. There’s going to be so many people out there that really don’t like what you do. But, then there’s also going to be people that really love what you do. If you put everything into what you’re doing and you love what you’re doing, then something great will come of it. As long as your heart and soul is in it, someone’s going to love it. 

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