Iter Itineris

Iter Itineris (Journey of a Journey), or just Iter, is an Exploration RPG (aka, a ‘Yume Nikki fangame’) . Made by SesakaMonster

Anything digital has glitches. What if there are material glitches?

Iter Itineris is in it’s early stages but it’s already grasped me with Sesaka’s fantastic art direction and design concept. With puzzles scattered about here and there, it’s more than just a walking empty dreamworld. You’re slowly unraveling a puzzle in the digital world you travel through. It is a project that I have joined in, doing minor mapping and programming on the side, my main role is music creation. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. (Make music for a YN game that is.)


This has to be a really big update! Mostly, it covers most glitches from the first release and expands the D-Dimension greatly.

This update includes

  • 8 new areas
  • improved coding and graphics for the old worlds
  • remade music for the Neon Shapes world and Murmuring Trees
  • additional new music (most of it are done by Felix aka TheJudge)
  • fixed sound effects
  • all the glitches from v0.00 are fixed

Also, big thanks for the people who glitch-test the game

If we miss any glitches, don’t hesitate to leave an Ask or PM with a screenshot of the glitch.

EDIT: fixed some of the maps




  • Bigfixes to Neon Shapes, Murmuring Trees puzzle area, and Tunnels - fixed passability glitches
  • Added improved sprites and menu
  • Added a ‘joke’ area in the Tunnels

In the game, look search inside one of the ‘heads’ of the tunnel worms. There will be an ode to those overlooked ‘invisible’ blocks. The wall clipping is easy to fix yet combing a reconstructed area (Neon Shapes) takes time and work. lol

Oh, and I heard that you don’t need Wine to work the Mac version.

I’m thinking about changing the name for this blog from ‘itergame’ to ‘theiterproject’ to make room for a bestiary I have thought of for months now.

The Borderlings will be part of the Iter project that categorizes different interdimensional creatures that visit our world. It’s in development now, but it won’t be published on my website until around next year.