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SpaPort because I can never get enough of them uwu. Portugal and Spain are holding Macau and Romano respectively. Started out as historical and ended up as some sort of modern single dads who meet through their kids, both options work tbh e7e


I’ve actually been reading some fic lately and want to give a shout out to the spectacular stuff I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on:

Firstly, I just finished up Consistency in Coffee and listen I WAS SO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THIS and now if you’re looking for a finished Niall fic with an amazing ofc you don’t need to look any further, Rachel absolutely outdid herself with it!!

I have also slowly but surely been catching up with Oxford Comma, one of the many fics Leesh juggles (I am in awe of her ability to keep track of them all), and it’s a v original OU with lots of booze and secrets literally ALL THE SECRETS AND POSSIBILITIES and it takes a really realistic take on relationships and it is a uni fic and so so worth a read I promise you!!

Next up is a stunner by Robbie, the second part of her Couch Drabble series That Other Time With the CouchI don’t know how she makes me feel so many things with just little snapshots but she does AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND THERE’S TWO PARTS THAT ARE SHORT AND SWEET AND DELICIOUS SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE NOT TO READ THEM 

Then there is Coming Up Roses, a one-shot that tbh I have been looking forward to since the first time I heard about it and El did not disappoint with her delivery, THERE WAS SO MUCH DRAMA AND HOW CAN YOU RESIST NANNY HARRY? The answer is you can’t resist Nanny Harry, nobody can resist nanny Harry

So I totally binge read Salute in a couple of days and IT IS A SPY AU I did not know I needed one so badly in my life until I got sharp and witty Piper and I cannot repeat this enough spy Harry…. secret agent Harry…. ATHLETIC AND CLEVER HARRY W GUNS. Not to mention this fic is hotter than the colour of Piper’s hair and there’s is an INCREDIBLE amount of extra content I am in awe of Kath’s ability to produce high quality material and she clearly does so much research it is amazing

Last but definitely not least, the first chapter of Jack & Coke has recently gone up, and it is about a bartender ofc and a bit of a dick Harry AND THEY DON’T GET ALONG I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS GOES NOT TO MENTION HARRY IS A WRITER IT WAS LIKE THIS FIC WAS MADE FOR ME there’s only one chapter up so far so now is the perfect time to start on it and tell Nicole how spectacular the first chapter was!!

In fact, if you choose to read any of these (and no pressure but you should really read them all just saying), definitely go and tell the writer how much you liked it, and why you liked it, if you’re feeling ambitious!!!! 


"Songs that make you smile" segment, what song did you choose?


Conchita Wurst answers
(Well, mostly. For an anon who requested “funny and/or cute”. So I went with “bits that made me laugh and/or go awwww”. Accurate enough, right?)

i refuse to tolerate first world problems like if my friends text me some “look at this spot on my face fuck my life” i literally read & ignore it like i have no time for childish shit like that

i’ve always wondered: you know how a lot of teenage girls will be like ‘wow gay men are really attractive to me’ and less in the fetishising way of fandom and more just like ‘??? huh.’?  i wonder how many of them eventually meet or are exposed to butch/femme dynamics or actually queer women (as opposed to the great variety we see represented in media~~~) a few years later or whatever and realize that, no, what they’re actually attracted to is that conscious mix of masculine and feminine in a person, or the overt gayness/queerness of an identity

so a full translation for chapter 60 of gsnk is finally out!!! please love yourself and read it, if you haven’t already

and now here’s multiple pages of me being super embarrassing and gushy about hori/kashima because i am Actual Trash

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I’ve just seen someone claim that everything we know about Shakespeare’s professional life and theatre company is wrong because theatres were ‘places of ill-repute’ and Hamlet couldn’t possibly be performed somewhere like that.

Because apparently only posh people can appreciate an intellectual challenge and you can’t mix that with dick jokes.



So I’ve been thinking about the Mystery Trio a bit and I came up something of “antagonist” and since one of things I like about thinking about the mystery stuff is making parallels between their and our current cast I couldn’t help myself. 

I live for something like shared destinies and unavoidable fates that link our cast and this group together.  So since I’ve alway liked to believe that the issues between the Pines and The Gleeful family went deep then what’s shown I came out with something I really like as an opposing force to the Mystery Trio. 

Charles Gleeful is highly respected around Gravity Falls and a lot of the town folk come to him for advice, even the mayor. He’s a bit of imposing and stoic man but prides himself on being the prefect gentleman. Despite his legendary bad temper, Charles is well liked in town. Though some nasty small town rumors have been going around consisting his wife’s mysterious death.

Unlike most of the other towns people, Charles is not only aware of the magical and supernatural things in Gravity Falls, he plays a direct part in them.  Charles considers himself the “protecter”of the town, making sure no one gets too close to finding out about the supernatural happens or mysterious history around Gravity Falls.  He thinks that whatever happens in Gravity Falls needs to stay there and that no one needs to know about it. So nothing comes or goes though Gravity Falls without Charles Gleeful knowing. 

So he doesn’t take the fact our trio of “researchers” trailing around the woods, finding things they shouldn’t be, very well. Especially when he notices Stanley is writing it all in books.  Hell will freeze over before Charles Gleeful lets anyone on the outside find out about what’s hiding in the sleepy town. 

legitimately curious: why do people ship kureha with any of the bears (and in particular lulu+ginko) in yurikuma? they did after all kill and eat her girlfriend but does that not matter at all or…??? (edit: even if it was yurizono who killed sumika I believe lulu+ginko still ate her, also their motives for getting close to kureha is literally to eat her so. there’s that) and why are people making+reblogging gifsets of ginko/yurizono making unwanted advances towards/molesting kureha and treating it as girls’ love or cute yuris?? like I’m really not feeling yurikuma AT ALL even after 2 episodes but I’m not gonna come at you and lecture you if you enjoy it bc sometimes we enjoy problematic things but like whyyy are we treating dubcon/noncon sexual interaction as legit girls love and not like.. you know… molestation and sexual harrassment

do u ever write an essay for a prompt so vague ur just like

the worst thing abt art theft is when they upload gross blurry jpeg versions like wtf at least do me some justice u absolute slug in fact no slugs r cool u dont even deserve the title of slug

If the Shadow the Hedgehog game focused a bit more on revealing the TRUTH of his backstory instead of all the unneeded twists and turns that ultimately led nowhere, the reveal of his true origins and whatnot might’ve been more satisfying and engaging.

But instead we get all this build-up that stemmed back to Heroes, and then we get not one or two but ten false endings with a true story that begs the question as to which path or paths are the correct ones that led up TO the final story.

While I appreciate what it did with the branching paths, I felt a good chunk of the levels could’ve been gutted out and more focus could’ve gone into how the story unravels. I mean I like that there’s two different bosses for each ending level but I feel they tried too hard to make way for ALL the possibilities and didn’t focus too much on filling plot holes since the last story was there (like Black Doom calling Shadow a traitor and disbanding from him only to ask for his help two levels later).

Like the explanation that’s presented in the last story could’ve just been covered in a good few cutscenes in a different game and leave it at that. Heck maybe in 06 there’s a part where Shadow takes his chance to go back in the past to learn about his own origins I dunno.


Hey guys,

This is a heads up that my preferred name and pronouns have changed. It would be awesome if you could refer to me using the name Logan and the pronouns they/them/theirs.

It should be noted that while I am still in the process of discovering my gender, and my name and pronous might continue to change, I do not think the fact that I am questioning in any way invalidates my own feelings or current pronoun preferences.

I am happy to answer any questions about my personal gender identity or gender-related topics in general in my ask. However, please remember that I am only one person and I can only speak from my own personal experience and knowledge, so please do not take anything I say as representative of the entire trans or nonbinary community.

Thanks for reading,