The 10 Most Embarrassing Fictional Deaths of All Time

3. Padme Dies of Heartbreak

None of you need this recapped for you but here it is. Padme finds out that the man she loves and has literally zero chemistry with has gone to the dark side, gets force choked by him and is so injured in her soul that she dies.

Now here’s the exact quote from a medical droid explaining to Obi-Wan why Padme is dying:

“Medically she is completely healthy. For reasons we can’t explain we are losing her. We don’t know why, she has lost the will to live.”

I can’t stress enough that this is a medical droid talking. A robot doctor diagnosed his patient as having lost the will to live, like that was a real thing, and nobody questioned that? No one said “hey Robot Doctor, that’s not a diagnosis, maybe take another look, there’s probably a bleed you missed somewhere.”


[We’ve tried nothing to save you and none of it’s working, I’m sorry.]

I just hope no one tells her kids that her cause of death was literally losing the will to live as soon as they were born.

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Cleaned up and colored some sketches I did while at HeroesCon.

Hawkeye is a book I consistently love. It’s one of my favorites every month.

Iron Fist is one I’m new to. Comixology had a sale on The Immortal Iron Fist a while back and I read it and loved it (he punches a train and it explodes!!!). Not surprising, since it’s the same creative team for the most part as Hawkeye (Matt Fraction and David Aja). 


Marvel meets Myers-BriggsIntroversion Sensing Feeling Judging

"Loyal, committed, and steadfast. Concerned with taking care of people by keeping them safe. Reluctant to open up to strangers and can seem standoffish while actually being highly people-oriented and very observant of the feelings of others. Strives to create order at home and at work. Likes to work alone."  X ]