Iriki Mari


"I was not aware of it but it is really scattered everywhere. Everyone’s sad stories.

"For everyone’s sad stories… We can’t do anything about it because we are not god. Human can protect only up to 3 meter radius. Among us, and the office of the company, those who reach out when something happens… Even those who want to help are unable to do anything.”

9th TV Navi Reader’s Choice Drama of the Year Annual Awards

Best Actor

Winner: Ohno Satoshi (Kagi no Kakatta Heya)


Best Actress

Winner: Horikita Maki (Umechan Sensei)


Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Nishijima Hidetoshi (Strawberry Night)


Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Kuriyama Chiaki (ATARU)


Best Rookie Actor Award

Winner: Chinen Yuri (Sprout)


Best Rookie Actress Award

Winner: Iriki Mari (Lucky Seven)

Source: TV Navi Website