So right around the time when I was like “Wow, DC, I literally give up on you forever,” I though it’d be neat to play around with some of the younger characters as a… idk, new Young Justice?? Anyway, so uh… Lian Harper as Little Red (‘cause having a second Red Hood is kind of confusing??), Milagro Reyes as a Green Lantern, Nell ?? as Batgirl, Irey West as Impulse, Chris Kent as another Superboy, Jai West as Haste, Damian Wayne as Robin still, annndddd I like Alan's idea for Colin Wilkes as Crusader (I hope that’s okay!!).

Anyway, there are stories for a lot of things and headcanons - especially for Colin - but I am too lazy to mention them here, so… Yeah. Um. Just some really quick sketches.

EDIT: I had ideas for Sin Lance, Ramsey Robinson, and even Alan's Liam Harper (wow, I should stop roping other people's characters in…) too. Maybe I'll draw them some other time!!! uvu


No one’s getting out alive

In tribute to the many, many young children DC has fridged, shelved prior to the reboot, or lost in the reboot. While there is no shortage of dead teenagers, thank you Teen Titans, I wanted to focus on the truly young children of DC.

No one in this photoset is over the age of twelve.

Pictured here:

  • Adam Grant, son of Cat Grant
  • Billy Hong, son of James Jesse and Mindy Hong
  • Helena Kyle, daughter of Selina Kyle and Sam Bradley Jr
  • Rani, adopted daughter of Booster Gold
  • Traya Sutton, adopted daughter of Red Tornado and Kathy Sutton
  • K’hym J’onzz, daughter of J’onn J’onzz
  • Iris and Jai West, twin children of Wally and Linda West
  • Robbie Long, son of Donna Troy and Terry Long
  • Lena Luthor, daughter of Lex Luthor
  • Josh Mardon, son of Mark Mardon and Julie Jackham
  • Arthur Jr, son of Arthur Curry and Mera
  • Cerdian, son of Garth and Dolphin
  • Lian Harper, daughter of Roy Harper and Jade Nyugen
  • Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul

Dream DC Team-Up:

Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Cassandra Cain/Black Bat, Irey West/Impulse, Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl, Lorena Marquez/Aquagirl, and M’gann M’orzz/Miss Martian.

As the current Young Justice or Teen Titans, and the future Justice League, perhaps?