DID YOU KNOW: M. Night Shyamalan made a movie based on a true story, accidentally.

5 Groups of People Who Developed Awesome Mutant Superpowers

#5. An Entire Family Has Bones Stronger Than Granite

Remember that movie Unbreakable, the true secret origin story of Bruce Willis, who discovered he couldn’t be harmed after surviving a train wreck? As it turns out, the idea of a guy going his entire life without noticing that nothing can hurt him isn’t all that farfetched. In fact, it happened for real back in 1994. A guy known to the public only as John (he’s already got that one-word-name mystique down, although he probably could’ve picked a sexier super-handle) crashed his car and suffered no injuries whatsoever. He went to the hospital anyway, just in case he was internally bleeding, but the X-rays revealed nothing. Well, no fractures, anyway — they did determine that John had ludicrously dense bones. As in, eight times denser than the average adult.

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The Lost Children
  • The Lost Children
  • Michael Jackson
  • Invincible

So this one’s for all the lost children…

RIP Mike Brown.

RIP Trayvon Martin.

RIP Justin Sipp.

RIP Bo Morrison.

RIP Kendrec McDade.

RIP Ervin Jefferson.

RIP Kimani Gray.

RIP Victor Steen.

RIP James Brissette.

RIP Travares McGill.

RIP Timothy Stansbury Jr. 

RIP to all those lost far too soon. 

My heart is sad that there are this many and so many more..

We’re wishing you well.