If you are considering meeting up with someone online use this trick to identify who really are who they claim to be:

1. Ask them to Skype
2. If they refuse or can’t for some reason ask for a current selfie
3. If they also refuse or can’t do not meet up with them
4. If they provide one ask them to send another with them holding 3 fingers up
5. If they refuse read step 3
6. If they provide a selfie where they show 3 fingers they are probably for real

(If you’re still unconvinced try again with them drawing something in their hand)

please spread this message as more and more young people are lured out into situations where they get kidnapped because they weren’t 100% sure the person they were talking to was real.

Internet Safety for Sugar Babies

Anonymous asked stepfordsugar:

Do you have any internet safety tips such as making sure one doesn’t find your true identity?

1. Identity: Always create a separate name, email, Skype, and sometimes even Facebook for sugaring.

2. Contact Information: Only give out your alternative name, email, and phone number. Use apps such as Google Voice, TextMe, TextPlus, etc. Do not EVER link these apps to your real number or with your contacts list. Your business cards should have your alternative name, number, and email address only. 

3. Pictures: Never use the photos that you have or will post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networking or social platforms. Please be smart. Reverse google search your image and see if it pops up. Before uploading or sending any pictures, please run the photo through EXIF REMOVER, save, and then send.

4. Never give out personal information. Don’t tell him where you go to school, where you work, or where you live.

5. Keep a Black Book: Keep a private book in a secure location (but where a trusted individual can access). In this, you should have the name, contact information, other details, and appointment times of any and all pot meetings.

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Safesearch Wrap Up Update

Someone asked basic-brony-trash if we had any proof that Safesearch Wrap Up was actually making any sort of difference. Rather than just take screenshots, as we’ve sadly already had cases of people editing them to promote a skewed or all together incorrect reality, I took a screen recording of both normal search and Safesearch of Pinkie Pie, as she was the subject of my original How-To Video for reporting images on Google with Safesearch enabled.

At this time, as we’ve finally managed to remove the explicit and gore-y images that we were all reporting for months, I’m happy to say that in my own opinion Safesearch Wrap Up is working. We’re still trying to constantly promote #UpWithTagging, as properly tagging works to begin with will lessen the need to have a Safesearch Wrap Up!

Thanks for sticking with us, and as always, thanks to broniesagainstbullshit for spearheading the Safesearch Wrap Up Campaign!


How to keep the NSA from spying on you. You should be able to zoom in and read it all, but if you can’t, or you want another copy, message me your email address and I’ll send it to you. Or download it here. There’s some really good info here folks. Please share! 


I’m not here to tell you that we are being spied on.

That Facebook is keeping track of you and your friends.

That Google is storing your searches, your locations, your emails,

your browsing history. Everything.

That the NSA can listen in on every phone call and read every text message.

Everybody knows that.



If someone named Oddbagel reblogs your posts or sends you a message, DO NOT GO TO THEIR BLOG! It is a virus and if you go to their blog your account will be deleted. THIS MESSAGE IS NOT A JOKE!

Please be on the lookout for the Oddbagel virus and make sure to always be safe on tumblr. Thank you.

Hey guys, just a reminder

Yes, I know tumblr is a super cool site to meet friends, but remember that it is still the internet, where everyone can stay anonymous and can pretend to be people they aren’t!

Just a reminder that if you are underaged you should not

  • tell people your full name
  • reveal what school you go to
  • post nudes
  • reveal your FRIENDS full names
  • reveal what school your FRIENDS go to
  • publicly post your address
  • publicly post your phone number
  • agree to meet people for the first time irl without telling people
  • agree to meet people for the first time irl in a place that not’s public with an adult

You can disagree with me all you want and I can’t stop anyone from posting personal information, but it should be kept in mind that it’s personal for a reason. If someone works hard enough, they CAN find information about you that you posted years ago.

I was actually contacted recently by a stranger who had figured out the city my aunt lives in and that I used to visit there often due to a post on the Otafest forums, posts on a forum website that is no longer active, and through that found my deviantART. I made those posts about 4-5 years ago. 4-5 years ago.

Do you remember what information you posted off-hand 4-5 years ago?

This isn’t exactly Pony-related, but I believe that it’s extremely important for those who believe that being online makes you above common sense and the law.

For those who don’t know, a young 15-year-old lady from Port Coquitlam, B.C. (down the road from where I live) took her own life less than two years ago as a result of cyberbullying. Her case made international headlines because of a video she posted shortly before hanging herself on October 10th, 2012. It showed the amount of torture she went through through the past several years. All because of a nude photo she took for someone she thought she could trust. The same someone who used that photo to blackmail her on Facebook, effectively destroying her social life online and in school.

Just recently, it was announced by Coquitlam RCMP that authorities in the Netherlands had arrested a 35-year-old Dutch/Turkish Citizen back in January on charged of indecent assault and child pornography. It is believed that he is responsible for blackmailing Amanda with the nude photo for over a year, and there may be more victims of his disturbing actions. It is not yet known if he acted alone or with others, or if a different individual or group used his system to do it.

This case hits so close to home both figuratively and literally, as I’ve received unwarranted bullying very recently, simply having the word “Brony” in my Steam tag. While I’ve shaken it off, others aren’t so fortunate in their cases. Bullying is a problem that cannot be left unchecked, as more and more teens—even an 11 year-old for Christ’s sake—are trying to or have taken their own lives for being who they are and suffering because of people who simply refuse to see that or take advantage of them. Cowardice at its worst.

Regardless of whether or not this man is convicted, this case makes a statement that everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—on the internet should remember:


If you use that screen name or anon ability to abuse and harm other people for your own “amusement,” it only shows how much of a monster you’re portraying yourself as. Every person you speak to online is a fellow human being. You’re expected to treat them as such. You may have the right to “free speech,” but even freedom comes with strings attached. And that includes making threats of murder, blackmail, humiliation, or any form of torture. In most countries, this can get you arrested and possibly extradited to face justice.

And don’t think you can keep the authorities off your back by going anon or fooling enforcement forensics with all those fancy re-routing software or whatever; they can and will find you eventually. As this recent arrest demonstrates, you can’t exactly hide from the long arm of the law. Or your close friends and family, for that matter.

You need to remember one rule of the internet that isn’t mentioned very often, but it very important: whatever you say on the internet STAYS on the internet. Whatever you say can and will be used against you, whether it’s looking for a job, making new friends, or even in a court of law. How do people expect to take you seriously if they find you causing pain to others? Most likely, they won’t. The internet is a place for people communicate and share their lives, not to make the suffer for what wonderful human beings they are and what they like to do.

If you believe in having fun with other people don’t you ever treat them like garbage. Try to treat them as if they were you own family. Poke fun at their flaws, but do it in a way where they don’t feel so bad for having them. Simply tell them how they can overcome them and make both your lives comfortable. Unless it’s something that’s against the law or causes actual harm to their peers, don’t ever tell them they should stop doing what they do.

And above all: Never, NEVER believe that you have better judgement of character than anyone else. Everyone has a right to their opinion, whether they disagree with something or not. They are not solitary fact. They are just your thoughts, and your thoughts only. Forcing them on people makes you look like an idiot. If you can’t say anything nice, you’re better off saying nothing at all.

I would like to play online or state my thoughts on something I believe in WITHOUT some self-centered coward thinking he can just shut me down by spewing trash all over my screen to try and break my spirit. Is that too much to ask, even for at least five minutes?

Tl;dr - If you think you’re safe from punishment being on the net, you’re wrong. By a long shot.