Inspirational Phrases

'Whether You Like It Or Not' by Ravyn LaRue

I wanted to change my URL
So I went through my brain
And tried to rummage through
All the inspirational phrases
That keep and have kept me going
And I realized how well so many fit together
“I Am What I Am_Whether You Like It Or Not"
“I Sing Anyway_Trust In Your Art”
“Don’t Be Sorry_Sing"
I realized, too, how well ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Wicked Little Town’
Could actually fuse together to form a cohesive narrative from different perspectives
I also recalled Non-Portmanteau-Phrases such as
“Sing And Have A Salad”
Which isn’t just a healthy plan
Rather a paraphrased reminder to be resilient, as told by Hedwig
There were a multitude of reminders I remembered
Which all solidify what I know to be fact
Singing is incredibly important to me on a subtextual level
It isn’t about vocal quality or form or even the sound one utters
To me, it is about being unapologetic and confident in one’s own voice
Which is why it was a struggle when I sang at my Audition
Since the voice that left my lips sounded nothing like the one I know well
And yet
It is also why I hold onto Hedwig all the more tightly
And sing along with her songs, loudly at every chance I get
Hedwig and singing are unequivocally intertwined for me
And it means the world- it truly does
I Sing Anyway
Because I need to
Whether You Like It Or Not