im naruto weeabo trash i just drew my naruto ocs

Anyway, I totally ship poly Ino/Hinata/Shino. 

Like, I see Ino and Shino starting to date (idk it always seemed rly cute to me), and even though Ino is bi and VERY receptive to sex, I always saw Shino as asexual and repulsed by sex. But they’re happy, and they don’t particularly care that they don’t have sex. They cuddle and hold hands and go out on dates and sometimes smooch and that’s enough for Ino. 

And then one day Hinata visits Shino while Ino’s over and Ino’s like. !!!. I’ve never actually talked to you before wow ur really sweet and cute and funny, and holy shit. Holy shit, Shino. Shino. 

And so they all talk about it, and Hinata joins their relationship! Though she isn’t really in a romantic relationship with Shino, they’re more queerplatonic. They cuddle and occasionally smooch. So, 

Ino, Bisexual. Hinata, Bisexual. Shino, Asexual. 




After a few years they decide for kids, and using Naruto’s sexy jutsu, they have Inoka (12), and after awhile they have Hanako (8). They refer to Hinata as “mother”, Ino as “mom”, and Shino as “dad”. Hinata carried both of them, as Ino didn’t really want to, and Hinata had always had the desire to. 

The Hyuga elders heavily disapproved of the relationship, and they came to the decision to have her move off of the compound, and renounce her Hyuga name. Hiashi avoided her for a few years, until he heard she was pregnant, and then he got his head out of his ass and reconciled with her (he’s actually a huge softie when it comes to his grandkids (which also include Neji’s kids), especially after how he treated Hinata as a child and (in my headcanon) after she got together with Shino and Ino. 

Inoka’s quieter and more mellow like Hinata, but she never really had a problem with shyness like Hinata did. Inoka favors Hinata more in appearance, except she has Ino’s eye colour and a talent for mind control jutsu. Ino teaches her mostly, though Inoichi lends a hand whenever he’s able. She makes up part of the InoShikaCho team, with Shikamaru’s daughter Shikako, and Chouji’s daughter ChouChou (say what you will about chapter 700, but ChouChou was a fuckin work of art). 

Though she’s loud and hyper and her personality can be intimidating, she’s a sweet girl. She’s mostly indifferent to her byakugan abilities, and actually wishes she had Shino’s jutsu instead (after a lot of begging and even more researching, they allow her to make the deal with the Aburame beetles and let them inhabit her body just before she graduates the academy). She’s super close with Hiashi, and loves going into the Hyuga gardens with him and pointing out all the different bugs (Hinata has a photo that she cherishes of Hiashi and Hanako when she was around six, with Hanako getting him to hold cup his hands, and handling him a hUGE ASS SPIDER). 

Idk, I keep thinking of ninja kids lately and really liked how these came out. :P

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'name a fandom and ill tell you' harry potter if uve read them otherwise naruto?

Name a fandom and I’ll tell you

Erm, well, I’ve watched most of the movies of Harry Potter but I’ve never read the books and it’s been a while since I’ve watched the movies so—- Naruto it is?

The character I first fell in love with: Ino Yamanaka
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Orochimaru
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Sasuke I guess. I’m neutral with him.
The character I love that everyone else hates: …I dunno.

The character I used to love but don’t any longer: I hate to say this, but Shikamaru. I mean, I still like Shikamaru quite a bit, I just don’t completely love him anymore, people have managed to make me feel a bit negative towards him—— ironically, it’s those who truly look into his character that made me displeased with him. Usually, like with Sasuke, they make me appreciate him more but nope. (that awful Chapter 700 goatee didn’t help either pfft x’D)

The character I would totally smooch: Kakashi (see what’s under his mask and I mean, /it’s Kakashi/ or Itachi OR Rock Lee, because he is adorable and I love him. .u.

The character I’d want to be like: Rock Lee and Ino mixed yes.

The character I’d slap: Kabuto.

A pairing that I love: ShikaIno

A pairing that I don’t: SasuNaru

Here’s more poor attempt at Harry Potter with my basic knowledge here though—- (Harry Potter’s very complex tbh at least to me)

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I hate Shikamaru. He took so much of Team 10’s spotlight. I do get that he’s one of Naruto’s closest friends, but Choji and Ino deserve more love than they get. Choji especially, since he hardly got any recognition in Naruto other than a spot in Part 1 and his role in the war. He’s by far one of the best and underrated characters in the series. 

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