The Sasuke I wanted. Not that OOC and probably NTRing one. The Ino I always love. The Shikamaru I expected. The Sai I can accept. The Sakura I believed in. The Naruto forever the Naruto. The SasuIno, the SakuIno, the ShikaIno, the SaiIno. Everything I need in the post-699 blank.

Seriously, this fandom has so many possible Shindenshin user. Otherwise, how did so many people get what I headcanoned exactly?

Who am I ?

Which NARUTO character are you!?

Your Result:

Congrats you are “Hinata”! 91%

You are the most shy of the students, always fidgeting to the point of distraction, always trying to proove yourself to the one u secretly admire! Try to foccus more on your work than that special someone…

Ino : 61%

Sakura : 54%

Shikamaru : 45%

Naruto : 43%

Kakashi : 33%

Sasuke : 28%

Kiba : 26%


In honor of ChoIno week day one, connection. 

When I Saw You I Fell in Love, and You Smiled Because You Knew

-William Shakespeare

Everything around Ino Yamanaka was changing.

Reconstruction was almost complete and the city was close to resembling it’s former glory. The veil of mourning that was draped over Konoha after the war had been lifted away, and it’s inhabitants, both shinobi and civilian alike, were moving on little by little. 

The war never left her though.  

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