My heart is in my fucking stomach.

I woke up today with my phone and facebook going crazy. My friend, Peter Kassig, has been executed by the SIS. They caught him last year outside of Deir Ezzour, and about ten hours ago, they posted a video of his beheading… I’m shaking. I can barely contain my rage enough to type this.

He was a good man. He was an Army Ranger, and an amazing soldier. I’ve known him for many years - both before, during, and after the Army. We’ve worked together on several occasions, and I’m staring at his contact in my phone wondering, “What now?”

I’m about a heartbeat away from going back to Indy, packing up all my guns, and bringing the wrath of God down on their fucking heads. As this story breaks in the coming days, you’re going to hear a lot of controversy. People will lie about why he was there… they’ll say he founded a charity organization as a cover for head-hunting SIS leadership… they’ll say he converted to Islam after being captured…

Please just let them talk. I just watched my brother in service, and hometown friend, get his fucking head cut off on the internet. I’m gonna be gone for a little while guys. Whatever happens, I’ll let my friends on here know. Please keep his family in your prayers.

So I'm going on a road trip and I want to meet you!

alright I have ultimately decided to drive down to Georgia for thanksgiving. I will be in alpharetta, so if you’re in that area of Atlanta or anywhere around there hit me up.

I’ll be leaving 11/23, I will be going through Illinois, kentucky, indiana, tennesse, and duh georgia.

are you along the way? wanna blaze? hit me up please I’ll have my own kush.

also mom is doing better and shes walking.

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