Saw this quote and thought about how it related to an upcoming R.I.F event (Reading is Fundamental) that the A.P. group is helping with. At the event we will encourage the migrant farmworker children to read and we will show them how fun books can be. Studies have found that by the age of 6, low income immigrant Latino children lag behind whites in vocabulary, forming complex sentences, and performing simple tasks such as building puzzles. Typically, more opportunities are granted to those with higher education. I can begin to understand how education would not always seem like a priority for these families. They are constantly on the move, they work longs hours, and they often have to require their children to work alongside of them to supplement their low income. If we don’t start influencing these families and children in the early stages of development, it could lead to a devastating cascade. When children cannot speak, read, or write well this causes frustration, which could eventually lead to them dropping out, which could eventually lead to being unemployed, which could eventually lead them being involved in the criminal justice system. Something as simple as reading 30 minutes a night could impact the entire life of a child. We have to start somewhere…