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All the lights in the Aloha Oe were off, which helped the stars outside the window seem brighter to his eyes. He was supposed to be sleeping, the same as the others, but once again he just couldn’t. His body was tired, but his mind kept running around the same thoughts over and over.

It had been a while since he joined the Aloha Oe crew. How long, who knows? Time wasn’t the same on Alternia than in space. But he knew it had been long enough for him to start missing his home.

The smell of the salty water, the warm breeze blowing through the windows, the sound of the waves crashing against the wood of the wrecked ship he’d call hive… It all seemed very nostalgic. 

He wasn’t sure if he missed his friends, though. Maybe Fef and Karkat, but other than that, there was nothing to miss about the others. He wasn’t even sure if they were missing him at all.

A sad sigh escaped his lips when he looked down, once again trying to figure out what to do about this. The answer seemed pretty simple, just ask Dandy to take you home, but he didn’t want his days in the Aloha Oe to be over. The man was treating him like no one ever did before. Even if Dandy didn’t have as much money to cover him in presents and luxuries, for once in his life someone was truly making him feel like a royal. And he was loving that feeling. He was loving it with every fiber of his being.

He remained by the window a bit longer, just running around in circles in his mind. It had just turned into an endless maze and there didn’t seem to be an easy way out. He knew he had to make a choice. 

This is literally the last time I’m going to make a post about this because Imagine Space Dandy is still getting asks about it.

YES. Space Dandy is almost over.

YES. The series is only two season long.

NO. It’s not getting canceled or anything like that.

It’s coming to an end after 2 seasons because from the beginning, Space Dandy was only ever meant to be 26 episodes long. 

Just like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.

I remember reading this information early on, but I can no longer find the particular article. My only sources for this information is the Toonami Wiki, and the fact that Ian Sinclair said so himself at a panel at FAE. He said he was signed on for only a set number of episodes because that’s what Watanabe is known for.

I’m not saying don’t be bummed about it. I’m pleanty fucking bummed about it.  Looks like Ian Sinclair and everyone else who voice acts on this show is bummed about it.

What I’m saying is stop being so angry about it. I’ve seen posts bashing things like One Piece and Naruto for having long runs, even though they think those shows are shit.  It literally has nothing to do with that. It has absolutely nothing to do with renewing the series or the ratings or anything like that.

Space Dandy is ending when it is supposed to end. I know that is hard to accept, but please. Try.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

This is a roleplay between imagine-space-dandy (myself) and afishprinceinspace (Hasana-chan)

It’s no where near being completed, but I wanted a place where I could come and read the whole thing without having to search through tags and stuff :3 And I thought others might like to read the whole thing in one place. BOLD is Dandy, regular text is Eridan. Enjoy!

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anonymous said:

I know you always have confidence (and you probably want your fans to always be confident too) but I just feel kind of ugly today, my skin is bad, I feel chubby... How do you always stay so cheery? Even alien hunters must have their bad days.


"Low days will come and go, Baby.  It’s just a part of being human.  So when you have those low days… you just gotta admit that’s what it is. Allow yourself to admit you’re feeling like crap, but remind yourself that it’s only for now. It’ll get better. And while you’re at it, pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath, play an old video game, watch a movie you love.  Distraction is key on those days.  Then one day you’ll wake up and look in the mirror and things will start looking better."

anonymous said:

Johnny, how did you come out?


"I didn’t. I mean, it’s not like I specifically had anyone I needed to come out to.  I’ve basically always known, and so have the people around me. Things are different now. No one really gives a shit, so your sexuality or gender identity doesn’t really matter. You are nether discriminated against, nor are you a special snowflake."

anonymous said:

Gentle, when a girl fangirls over something by the usual squeeing, talking incomprehensibly, and flailing, might you find it slightly annoying or rather cute?


"I think it’s cute. Nothing more charming than a girl being excited about something she’s passionate about!"

A word about the sexuality of different characters here on Imagine Space Dandy


Pansexual Dandy


Bi-curious Meow


Asexual Robo-Romantic QT


Bisexual Honey


Straight Scarlet


I don’t know what their sexual preferences are but Dr. Gel and Bea are totally married.


Demisexual Prince


Straight Gentle


Gay Johnny

((If you have any questions about my reasoning, or about any other characters not listed, let me know!))