We aren’t sure if he’s a graduate of Hogwarts, but Japanese Instagram user Halno sure knows how to fly on a broom. Since the summer of 2011 he’s been sharing playful photos of himself and sometimes others “flying” around Japan and elsewhere with the grace and skill of pro Quidditch players. His life’s ambition is simple and awesome:

“I would like to travel all over the world with my broom”

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behind the mask…
between each breath,
and beneath the usual first impression,
lies a secret well of depth,
poisoned by pure depression.

chaotic emotions swell,
rage and crash,
as the kraken of this moment’s ocean
stirs to seize pulsating thoughts,
all lost and wondering aimlessly adrift;

through fate’s fingers,
crumbled moons
and flickering days do sift;

escaping its white-knuckled fist.

and wading through time,
i find cover in disguise,
‘til inspiration’s hand is kissed.


If your thing is fiction, i.e. anime, cartoons, animation, manga, books, comics, movies, tv series, video games, fantasy, arts, fanfictions, etc... If the words pirates, ninjas, fighters, martial arts, magic,vampires, wizards, fantasy, alchemy, techinques, ki, knights, monsters, dragons, unicorns, mana, swords, legends, shonen, shoujo, mithology, mages, demons, mechas, angels, superpowers... make you pay attention... If you feel sympathy with words such as otaku, geek, freaky, friki, nerdy, fan... (and probably hate some of them too! XD). If you think fiction fanatism is not a hobby, but a way of life. If you think there are more important believes and values in some stories than in real life... If you think world needs more imagination... more beliefs... more “shonen power”... then you believe and live in the same world I do.

there should be a world for people like us


R2-D2 is a droid with a lot going on inside. Don’t let his metal exterior fool you. He thinks his thoughts and he’s got all sorts of hopes and dreams and hobbies. Sideshow Collectibles just hosted R2-ME2, an awesome exhibition at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration for which a large group of artists each re-imagined the iconic little droid by customizing blank prototypes of Sideshow’s Star Wars R2-D2 Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure.

We like to think that each version, from Pee-wee Herman to Finn the Human to a bright pink Easy Bake Oven, a new home for Oscar the Grouch, disco-dancing R2 and even R2-turned-tree house, represents a way that R2-D2 might’ve imagined himself at least once. After all, there’s plenty of time to think in the deserts of Tatooine and the swamps of Dagobah.

These fantastic versions of R2-D2 are just some of our favorite pieces from R2-ME2. Click here to view them all.

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