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why you gotta be so fine

GOT7: when you take him clothes shopping

Jr.: *helps you look for stuff* Hmmmmm THERE! Buy it.

Jackson: *holds up random ladies clothes* Would this suit me?

JB: *is bored* You look great in everything… Can we go home yet?

Bambam: You know, I have a great sense of style *acts like a dork the whole time anyway*

Yugyeom: Yeah I’m having fun!!!!! *smile*… *not really having that much fun but tries to*

Youngjae: *sliiightly out of his comfort zone but tries to help you choose stuff*

Mark: *secretly kinda enjoying himself but tries to keep it in* THAT’S SO NICE *cough* I mean… Yeah it’s cool. 

Mark looks really good in plaid shirts, wow

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This was so much fun, why can’t it happen uughhh! 

Requests 100% open

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♠: Adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc with the chic leader jaebum juseyoo~

♠ adjusting their tie / jaebum / 190 words

{ im jaebUM IN TIES /gASPS FOR AIR/ }

You take a sip of your iced tea and turn in your swivel chair when you hear the bathroom door open and close, footsteps stopping right in front of you.

"How do I look?"

You take in the image of your boyfriend in a white button-up and a black tie, raising your eyebrows. “Your hair is messy, your shirt is wrinkled, and your tie is loose.”

His jaw goes slack at your rather blunt comment before rolling his eyes in exasperation. “Gee, thanks.”

"Kidding~" you stand up and raise your arms to adjust the tie hanging around his neck. "But your tie is loose, dumby.”

You tighten the material around his collar, fully aware that he’s watching each and every one of your movements right now.

"You’re blushing," he smirks, arms dangling by his sides as his gaze remains locked on you.

"Shut up… I can choke you with this, you know," you quip, narrowing your eyes as you turn back around to your desk after you finish adjusting his tie.

"Are you sure you can do that? You’d have to be standing pretty close to me to do that~"

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JB, Jackson, Jr. and Bambam react to getting tampons for you at the store, pleaseeeeeee

JB: You hauled yourself out of bed and walked over to your cellphone violently vibrating against your dresser. It was JB. “Hello?” he said into the receiver quickly. “Hi, are you at the store already?” “Yes I am… I’m in the aisle… which is the one you need… you didn’t specify… there’s so many different kinds. Do you need a 20 pack? 50? Wow, there’s a 100 pack!” he says loudly, “Ah, people are looking at me now” he whispers into the receiver. “Just get me the 20 pack please” “Are you sure? I mean why not just stock up while you can?—” “JB… just buy them and come home” “Hehe okay bye love you”

Jackson: You glanced at your cellphone ringing, Jackson was calling. “Hello?” you asked. “Yeah hey hi, what aisle is it in?” he’d ask with his voice low. “It should be near the toothpaste and hygienic stuff” you answer casually. “Okay, you usually get the sport ones, right?— OH SHIT, SOMEONE SAW ME” he’d say with a shocked tone. “Just grab ‘em and go” you’d answer in the same casual tone. “This guys in the same aisle as me… he just nodded at me with a smirk… he knows” “Knows what, Jackson?! Ugh, who caaaaares just get them and go” “I forgot to bring a reusable grocery bag… now I have to walk out with them… oh my god” he’d say as he walks inconspicuously to the register. “Now they’ll all know you’re a fantastic boyfriend, woohoo!” “Is this all for you… sir?” the cashier looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. “Yes ma’am…” he sighed.

Jr.: Jr. would be so relaxed about it. He’d call you up, “Jagi~ do you want the regular ones or super?” “Regular is fine” you’d reply as you stuck a piece of chocolate in your mouth. “They’re having a sale, should I get more than one box?” “That’s up to you, I only bleed for like 4 days though” “Okay, I’ll get them” he’d say, shoving two boxes into his shopping basket, “You poor thing… to think you get this way once a month… my poor jagi” “Jinyoung… just buy the tampons and come home, no need to pity me” “I just… it’s so saddening—” “Just buy em and go, Jinyoung, buy em and go” “Heheeeeee, okay bye jagi~”

Bambam: "HELLO?" he’d ask in a harsh whisper as soon as you picked up the phone. "Yes? Did you get them?" "Yeah, I got the ones in the picture you sent me, but can you just talk to me on the phone while I pay for them" "Hahahaha why?" you asked, genuinely cracking up at home. "I don’t know… it’s just weird… buying……….. tampons" "Bambam, I’m almost 100% sure no one’s going to assume you have a vagina…" "But still! It… makes me feel a little less manly… having to carry around this frilly box containing…………. tampons" "Why do you hesitate so much when saying ‘tampons’" "It just makes me uncomfortable, okay!" You heard the cashier in the background, "Just this for you?" "Yes, just that" he’d say. "Okaaaaaay babe, I’ll be home soon, ha ha haaaaaaaa" he emphasized ‘babe’ to make it clear he was talking to his girlfriend and therefore buying her these tampons. "I think it worked, the cashier didn’t even bat an eye!" he said as he walked out. "Oh my goodness, Bambam" you said, face palming yourself at home.


2jae being dorky and cute