Working on some artwork for a local theatre company here in Salt Lake. They’re mounting a production of “Climbing with Tigers,” a story written by Nathan Glad and Dallas Graham as part of Dallas’s Red Fred Project, a non-profit that creates beautiful self-published books written by creative children with critical illnesses. I was incredibly honored to work on this beautiful, moving project. 

Nathan’s story features a fragile, but brave little bird and a mysterious, supernatural tiger that lives a forest of giant rose trees. 

I wanted the poster to have a surreal, classical feel, so I’m collaging some of my favorite plates from Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s Roses, and overlaying some of those textures onto my tiger and vögelein. Both the animals were drawing in Illustrator and then detailed with Kyle Webster’s photoshop brushes, as well as a few of my own design. 

Hoping to wrap this up tonight, so I’ve got some finishing work on the roses, some shading, as well as all the typography to complete!