Saki Murakami

  1. Cat Eyes, 2014
  2. Scream Queen, 2014
  3. Party Night, 2014, images posted with permission of the artist.

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I want to draw Urie-kun while Urie-kun is drawing :P

Quick doodle before I leave for the airport! It’s based on the omake of TG:re book 1, where he seems to be painting. Maybe it’s a hobby he inherited from his father?

ALSO OMG it’s the TG fandom’s most important day tomorrow ^0^

Omake here:


Merry Christmas, Tumblr!

Before anyone tells me otherwise, I’m pretty sure Frozen counts as a Christmas movie.
It’s got snowmen and a reindeer in it.

Also there’s that scene at the end where Santa tells them the true meaning of Christmas was inside them all along.

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