Student creates beautiful banknotes for a fictional currency

Student artist Barbara Bernat creatively re-imagines Hungarian paper money with designs that look like pages from a naturalist’s sketchbook.  The artist created these beautiful banknotes for a fictional currency, the Hungarian Euro, as her thesis project. She etched the drawings on copper plates, which allowed her to produce prints recreating the quality and detail characteristic of secure paper currency.

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Ink Maze illustrations for Saatchi & Saatchi

Maria Tiurina have collaborated with Saatchi & Saatchi ME for their latest advertising campaign, promoting a drink that helps you fall asleep 

she created three highly-detailed maze-like ink on paper illustrations themed around different environments: plane, camping and home interior. 

The idea was to show how distracting sounds would almost get lost in a maze or obstacles if you have some of that magical drink, helping to secure a sweet peaceful environment for those who wanna nap.

Book Title: A Daily Pick Up Line

Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful you’ve been at a complete loss for words? A man so handsome you can’t to say anything more than “uhhh ummm” then awkwardly look down? A Daily Pickup Line helps you wittily and confidently profess your love. A book filled with hilarious pick up lines and cute watercolor illustrations. Try out a line like “I hope there is a fireman around because you are smokin’”. And hey, if it works you can seal the deal with “You must be a fish because you picked up my line.” This tumblr has been helping lovers for over a year, with a new line every single day.

A daily pickup line would be perfect as a book because baby if you were words on a page you’d be fine print ;-)