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Agriculture-aquaculture-forestry exports up 12% in 11 months
Ro Ech Ech @ vntimes.info

Source: Pano feed

VGP – The agriculture-aquaculture-forestry exports in November reached US$2.66 billion, bringing the total export turnover of the sector to US$28.2 billion over the past 11 months of the year, up 12.1% compared to the same period last year.

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Accordingly, the export values of agricultural, aquatic and forestry products are estimated at US$13.19 billion, US$7.22 billion and US$5.88 billion, up 10.5%, 19.3% and 12.9%, respectively.

Among agricultural products, coffee took the lead with 72,000 tons, worth US$165 million, raising the total export volume to 1.56 million tons, valuing US$3.26 billion, up 33.4% in quantity and up 32.2% in value.

The nation earned US$1.162 billion, US$2.79 billion and US$206 million from exporting 151,000 tons of peppercorns, 6.03 million tons of rice and 121,000 tons of tea in the reviewed period.

By Thuy Dung

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